Home NEWS El Paso Walmart shooter admits culpability in a shooting spree that killed 23 Hispanic people

El Paso Walmart shooter admits culpability in a shooting spree that killed 23 Hispanic people

El Paso Walmart shooter admits culpability in a shooting spree that killed 23 Hispanic people

Texas’ EL PASO — Patrick Crusius admitted responsibility on Wednesday in connection with the El Paso-area Walmart shooting in 2019 that claimed the lives of 23 people and injured dozens more.

About the shooting that occurred on August 3, 2019, in the Cielo-Vista neighborhood store and the neighboring parking lot, Crusius had been charged with 90 federal offenses.

According to the federal indictment, Crusius traveled to El Paso by car while carrying an assault rifle resembling the AK-47 and a large quantity of ammunition.

He allegedly posted an offensive tirade online after visiting El Paso. He wrote, “This act is in retaliation for the Hispanic invasion of Texas. “I’m just protecting my country from invasion-caused cultural and ethnic replacement,”

He was charged with 22 counts of attempted murder, 23 counts of murder committed using a firearm during or in connection with a violent crime, 23 counts of hate crimes that resulted in death, and 23 charges of murder committed using a firearm during or in connection with a violent crime.

Although several who observed the incident claimed they wouldn’t appear, authorities anticipated a packed courtroom with victims and families of the deceased.

Offended that federal prosecutors chose not to seek the death penalty

While directing terrified customers toward the store exits, Adria Gonzalez, who was inside the Walmart store, described hearing the shooter yell epithets about Mexicans.

She said she wouldn’t go to the hearing on Wednesday to the Associated Press. Gonzalez is upset that federal prosecutors decided not to seek the death sentence in the racial attack, as do many people in El Paso.

Gonzalez told the AP, “It’s a slap in the face for us Latinos.”

Although the federal case has advanced, Crusius is still facing state charges. Crusius is charged in state court with 22 charges of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and one case of multiple-person capital murder. The district attorney’s office for El Paso County is asking for the death sentence.

Many of the casualties, including those from El Paso, were Mexican nationals.

Dee Margo, a former mayor of El Paso, says it’s too personal

Dee Margo, a former mayor of El Paso, declared he would be present for the arraignment. Margo, who was mayor at the time of the massacre, claimed to have been present at all 23 of the burials.

Margo declared, “I have said all along that I don’t think we can heal until he has been charged.” “I am sad that the administration has decided against using the death sentence for federal hate crimes. But I’m also optimistic that after all is completed and his plea is decided, the case will be sent to state courts where he can be tried for murder. I have stated from the beginning that I want him to face the full extent of the law’s punishment.

Margo claimed that on his desk at home, he maintains the prayer cards from each funeral.

It’s too private, he declared. I won’t allow them to be forgotten.

In honor of the victims of the El Paso Walmart shooting:

The majority of the 23 fatalities and numerous injuries were either Mexican citizens or people of Mexican origin.

Juan de Dios Veláquez Chairez

Gloria Irma Márquez

Maria Flores

Maria Eugencia Legarreta Roth

Raul Flores

Jorge Calvillo Garcia

Alexander Gerhard Hoffman

Elsa Mendoza de la Mora

Luis Alfonzo Juarez

Ivan Filiberto Manzano

Margie Reckard

Leonardo Campos Jr.

Teresa Sanchez

Guillermo “Memo” Garcia

Jordan Anchondo

Maribel Campos

Arturo Benavidez

Andre Pablo Anchondo

Javier Amir Rodriguez

David Alvah Johnson

Sara Ester Regalado Moriel

Angelina Silva Englisbee

Adolfo Cerros Hernandez

Advocate for civil rights: Let’s hope it moves along more quickly

The Border Network for Human Rights, located in El Paso, has marched against gun violence and the pervasive bigotry that drove the white shooter to kill people of color, especially Mexican nationals and persons of Mexican origin, and organized vigils for the victims of the Walmart shooting.

Fernando Garcia, executive director of the group, stated that it still works with the victims’ families, who have suffered because of how quickly the defendant has received justice.

The people we know are angry because justice has not been served as quickly as they had hoped, he said. “Why did it take so long to get here? People of color who commit crimes receive swift sentences. The legal system has a systemic racism problem; white people have more legal privilege than other races. The wound is still open after all these years of dragging it out.

“We hope that the process moves more quickly so that the families may finish the chapter,” Garcia continued.

Summary of the narrative

The El Paso shooting was a devastating and senseless act of violence. It took place at a Walmart store located near the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas, on August 3, 2019. According to reports, a gunman entered the store and opened fire on shoppers and employees, killing 23 people and injuring over two dozen more. The victims came from a variety of backgrounds and included both Mexicans and Americans.

The shooting was widely condemned, and leaders from across the political spectrum called for action to prevent similar incidents in the future. In the aftermath of the shooting, several families of the victims filed lawsuits against Walmart, alleging that the company failed to adequately protect its customers and employees.

In response to the shooting, Walmart implemented several new safety measures, including the use of armed security guards at select stores, improved training for its employees on how to respond to active shooter situations, and increased collaboration with law enforcement agencies. The company also made a significant investment in technology designed to detect and prevent active shooter incidents.

The El Paso shooting was a tragedy that affected many people, and it continues to have a profound impact on the community. The victims, their families, and the survivors will always be in our thoughts and prayers.


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