Home NEWS <strong>The Bidens flee to an island before a significant  2024 declaration.</strong>

The Bidens flee to an island before a significant  2024 declaration.

<strong>The Bidens flee to an island before a significant  2024 declaration.</strong>

In search of one last chance to relax ahead of what is predicted to be a difficult 2023 reelection campaign, President Joe Biden is returning this week to St. Croix, one of his and his first wife Jill  Biden’s favorite vacation destinations. The couple has vacationed in the US Virgin Islands more  

than ten times since the mid-2000s. As Biden relaxes in a familiar location, work on his plans picks up in a chilly Washington, DC. The annual State of the Union address is usually given by the president in late January or early February, and advisers are already preparing for it. They see it as an opportunity to set the goals and themes that Biden might use during the campaign. 

Several people with knowledge of recent conversations who spoke to our channel said that the first couple and their family members landed in St. Croix on Tuesday. They were part of the close-knit clan that has reportedly decided to support another Biden White House administration. Once upon a time, senior administration officials saw this week’s tropical getaway as a turning point that would have a significant impact on the president’s political future. However, while the president still intends to discuss the merits of running for reelection with his family, recent conversations with him indicate that the decision has already been made. The jumbo C-17 transport planes parked among the puddle jumpers at the airport, the temporary security checkpoints hidden among the bougainvillea along the quiet coastal road,  and the unusually high numbers of visitors from Washington all served as indicators that Biden was expected in St. Croix in the days before his arrival.  

The resources on the island have been exhausted, even for a well-known tourist resort used to a flow of winter visitors. According to the locals, hotels were full and rental cars were all booked. 

This trip might have some similarities to one of the Bidens’ more recent holidays because they skipped the annual trip to the US Virgin Islands for the past two years. In the early hours of  2019, when Biden was last thinking about running for president, the couple was pictured taking a selfie at Point Udall in St. Croix on New Year’s Day, catching the first sunrise of the New Year at the easternmost point under the American flag, as the popular tourist destination is known. 

According to a family acquaintance who is familiar with the first couple’s vacation tastes, they  are “beach people.” Others who are familiar with them remarked that when they want to unwind, they don’t need much more than to set up an umbrella on the sand, spread out a  towel, and close their eyes in the warm sunshine. When the president and/or first lady stroll  down to the shore from their oceanfront holiday home for a break closer to the waves, their 

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, neighbors have become accustomed to being inspected by Secret  Service personnel. 

Particularly the first lady enjoys reading and taking in the sun as ways to unwind. This spring, Jill  Biden’s staff made sure to book quiet time for the first lady alongside the pool at a resort outside of Panama City so she could lie out like many other holidaymakers, only steps from the sea. Jill was on a solo, whirlwind trip to Ecuador, Panama, and Costa Rica. 

For the first pair, a meaningful respite entails more than just warmth and sunshine; it also involves seclusion. The criteria were satisfied by St. Croix. The pair had been sighted by locals in previous years at the grocery store, mainly unnoticed as they shopped for vacation necessities at Seaside Market and Deli. On the property’s website, the par-70 Buccaneer Resort golf course is referred to be “difficult, yet highly playable” by Joe Biden, who has played rounds there.  They’ve gone to mass at the white-spired Holy Cross Catholic Church in Christiansted, the island’s capital. 

Biden’s commitment to US soil has received more attention than any other politician in recent  US history. Since Harry S. Truman’s trip to St. Croix in 1948, no incumbent American president has made the trip. The USS Williamsburg, a boat, was used to transport Truman to the house where the Jeep Company was hosting him. 

Throughout the island, election-related topics: After a hectic Christmas season,  Washington will be taking a break. Jill Biden is taking the second week off from her position as a  professor at Northern Virginia Community College because she was so overburdened with  White House events, photo ops, family visits, and other hosting responsibilities that she developed laryngitis for three days. Joe Biden understands the importance of being away for more than just rest and rehabilitation. 

The Biden campaign is preparing the basis for a reelection statement in the coming months,  barring unforeseen circumstances or a sudden change of heart, putting an end to the long-running rumors about the 80-year-old president’s intentions. 

According to our source, Jill Biden is “all in” on the 2024 campaign despite having previously expressed serious worries about the potential negative effects a second run for president may have on her family and her husband. She has “zero concerns” about Joe Biden’s workload and endurance, a White House insider told Reporters. 

During a press conference last month, Joe Biden said, “This is ultimately a family decision.” “I  believe that everyone wants me to run, but we’ll talk about it.”

A new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, determined to defeat many of  Biden’s legislative goals, will be one of the challenges he must overcome in addition to mounting the last electoral campaign of his career. Investigations of Biden’s family and administration have also been promised by Republican leaders. 

Biden’s chances of getting anything done in the legislature are now slim, but he plans to travel a  lot in the coming months to tout his accomplishments from his first two years in office. The 45- year-wife old’s as well as his extended family will need to be fully behind him during this challenging time, which may involve a rematch with his 2020 opponent, Trump.  

It would be now, during this holiday, if there was ever a moment to address hesitations,  whether they were his own or those of his children.


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