Home NEWS The most memorable moments at the 2023 Grammy Awards, include a shocked Lizzo and a superfan of Harry Styles

The most memorable moments at the 2023 Grammy Awards, include a shocked Lizzo and a superfan of Harry Styles

The most memorable moments at the 2023 Grammy Awards, include a shocked Lizzo and a superfan of Harry Styles

The Grammys are always full of unforgettable moments, partly because, unlike many acting-related award ceremonies like the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys, great musicians always perform live on television, which is what they do best.

There was no exception for the 65th annual awards, which took place on Sunday in the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. The all-star event featured exceptional musical performers, one-of-a-kind attire, and historic Grammy awards. It began with a raucous mambo fiesta performed by candidate Bad Bunny.

When Beyoncé won the Grammy for best dance/electronic album for “Renaissance,” she formally established herself as the Grammys’ undisputed queen with 32 nominations overall—one more than the late Hungarian classical conductor Georg Solti.

In addition, Shania Twain appeared to be a witchy mushroom, Adele finally got to meet The Rock, and Viola Davis joined the elite EGOT club. Have we missed everything? We’ve got the best moments right here, so don’t worry.

Finally sees Adele and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson together

Adele was seated at a table when Trevor Noah approached and revealed that the superstar’s hidden wish was to meet Dwayne Johnson. Noah claimed he wanted to introduce her to someone by the name of The Rock even though he didn’t know where that person was.

At that point, the actor, towering in a brown suit, walked into view and embraced an obviously startled Adele. The Grammy for best pop solo performance for “Easy On Me” was later given to Adele by The Rock.

The Rock said, “Get up here, best friend,” as an emotional Adele approached the stage.

A crass, star-studded celebration of 50 years of hip-hop

The audience stood up for a protracted tribute honoring the 50th anniversary of the Brooklyn house parties that gave rise to the genre of hip-hop. The Roots supported an all-star lineup of musicians that started with pioneer Grandmaster Flash performing “Flash to the Beat,” followed by Run-DMC performing “King of Rock,” with rap luminaries like Jay-Z and Dr. Dre watching from the audience.

Then came an onslaught of rap talent, including Ice-T, the King of the West Coast, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Salt-N-Pepa, Chuck D, and Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, as well as the rapper turned beloved TV actress Queen Latifah.

Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne stood out as more recent standouts. With “Just Wanna Rock,” LL Cool J wrapped up the performance and made a point about how hip-hop has evolved from being primarily an urban American sound to becoming fully ingrained in global culture.

A 78-year-old Harry Styles admirer presents him with the Grammy for album of the year

The coveted album of the year award was presented by… a 78-year-old Sudbury, Ontario, grandma, in what was unquestionably a Grammy first.

Reina Fafantaisie, a huge fan of Harry Styles, was one of several individuals who were asked to express their opinion on why their favorite musician ought to win. Trevor Noah, the show’s presenter, invited each superfan to the stage after the broadcast. You read it, he said to Fafantaisie after he had finished with the envelope.

Styles rushed Fafantasie, who was in astonishment and holding a Grammy and quickly encircled her with his outstretched hands.

In her acceptance speech for record of the year, Lizzo praises Prince and Beyoncé

a disturbed Prince, who came to encapsulate the musical spirit of Minneapolis, the place where Lizzo first gained notoriety, was thanked by Lizzo as she leaped onto the stage to accept the record of the year for “About Damn Time.”

“After Prince passed away, I decided to devote my life to creating uplifting music, “She remarked. She felt misunderstood and wanted to “I needed to be the change that would improve things in the world, so I became that change.

After her lengthy statement, she went to a standing Beyoncé in the audience and, sobbing, praised the legendary Grammy winner for being her inspiration, beginning with the moment she skipped class with her sister to witness the diva perform in the fifth grade.

“I’m very grateful. You are without a doubt our life’s greatest artist! A beaming Beyoncé nodded in agreement as Lizzo spoke.

Viola Davis is awarded the EGOT

Actress Viola Davis accomplished a monumental feat when her autobiography, “Finding Me,” won the Grammy for the best audiobook. She was now able to call herself a member of the elite EGOT club, which includes performers who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Davis received her Tonys in 2001 for “King Hedley II” and 2010 for “Fences,” her Oscar in 2017 for “Fences,” and her Emmy in 2015. (“How to Get Away With Murder”).

In her award speech, Davis said, “I wrote this book to honor the 6-year-old Viola, to honor her life, her joy, her trauma, and her everything.” “And what a voyage it has been. Just got EGOT!”

She is only the third Black woman to receive the EGOT, and she joins an exclusive group of artists that also includes, among others, Jennifer Hudson, Rita Moreno, John Legend, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Robert Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mike Nichols.

A particularly outlandish Grammy attire was worn by Shania Twain

Willie Nelson received the best country album Grammy award from Shania Twain, who arrived on the red carpet wearing an attire that defied description. But if we had to describe it, we’d say it looks like a cross between a cartoon mushroom and a good witch.

The ensemble consisted of a white bell-bottom suit with sparkly sequins and large black blotches, topped by an enormous hat made of the same material. Shania added some spice by having shockingly bright red hair.

Kim Petras is the first transgender performer to win the Grammy for best pop duet or group

When transgender German pop artist Kim Petras and non-binary British crooner Sam Smith ascended the stage to accept the award for best pop duo/group performance for the song “Unholy” from Smith’s most recent album, “Gloria,” they created history.

She is thought to be the first trans singer to ever win a Grammy because it was the first time the award in this category was given to a trans performer.

Smith moved aside to let Petras speak, and she passionately took her award before describing her upbringing in Germany with a mother who acknowledged that her kid, born male, was a woman.


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