Home NEWS <strong>The resulting parental figure faces a crime allegation after the disappearance of a 4-year-old Oklahoma young woman</strong>

The resulting parental figure faces a crime allegation after the disappearance of a 4-year-old Oklahoma young woman

<strong>The resulting parental figure faces a crime allegation after the disappearance of a 4-year-old Oklahoma young woman</strong>

Ivon Adams, 36, was captured in Arizona, the Oklahoma State Organization of Assessment said. Specialists have been searching for Athena Brownfield since Tuesday. 

Oklahoma police have caught the parental figures of a 4-year-old young woman who was reported missing after a postal carrier found her sister wandering alone outside, as one of the suspects right now faces a crime claim in regards to the youngster’s evaporation, police said. 

Neighborhood experts began searching for Athena Brownfield Tuesday night, when the postal worker tracked down her 5-year-old sister and exhorted police, according to the Oklahoma State Organization of Assessment, which is also drawn in with the request. 

Alysia Adams, 31, was caught Thursday night in Grady District, Oklahoma, on two counts of youngster dismissal, the association said. Her significant other, Ivon Adams, 36, was captured in Arizona on Thursday and is at present at the Maricopa Region Jail expecting expulsion to Oklahoma on one charge of murder in the principal degree and one count of adolescent negligence, police said. 

He remained detained early Saturday in Maricopa Region, jail records show. 

His capture comes a day after OSBI detailed his significant other, Alysia Adams, 31, had been captured. 

Alysia Adams was caught by the Grady District Sheriff’s Office on two counts of youth dismissal, the state division said. The workplace said Thursday that Athena’s sister was found outside Alysia Adams’ home. 

The young woman is in state cautious guardianship and didn’t require clinical thought when she was found, OSBI agent Spring Arbeitman said.

As of late, the Oklahoma Freeway Watch gave a missing endangered individual mindfulness for Athena that was transported off occupants inside a 15-mile scope of Cyril. 

The association didn’t give a Brilliant Prepared, an emergency alert for got kids that shows up at a cross-country association, “since there was no indication of a seizure,” an office delegate said. 

“This case didn’t meet the actions in this particular rule for giving a Brilliant caution,” Sarah Stewart said in an email Friday. 

Penny Brownfield, Athena’s caring grandmother, said the young woman’s disappearance has been “a lot of a blow.” 

“I’ve as of late turned into solid areas to turn into my children,” she said by phone Friday from her home in Lawton, Oklahoma. “It’s impacting my children. It’s really affecting my most settled youngster, which is his newborn children, and that suggests those are my babies, also.” 

She said she was hysterical for any information about Athena’s whereabouts. “She’s not going to vanish,” she said. 

Squander help in Cyril, a town around 80 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, has been conceded as inspectors continue with their chase hints in Athena’s disappearance. 

Arbeitman said Thursday night that specialists stay confident. 

“We’re just looking for each clue, taking care of all that we can to check whether it can help us with seeing her,” she said. 

Tenants with information or reconnaissance camera video that could turn out to be helpful in the pursuit are drawn closer to contact the police.

During a Friday court appearance in Maricopa Region, Ivon Adams deferred his right to an evacuation hearing. 

“I truly need to show up and fight this,” he told the court. 

The two sisters were supposedly in the couple’s thoughts when the 5-year-old was found alone outside their home in Cyril, police said. Experts wouldn’t comment right now on how they transformed into the fundamental parental figures of young people. 

Meanwhile, the journey for Athena continues, police said Friday. 

The Oklahoma Turnpike Watch on Wednesday gave a missing and risked individual wariness for Athena to people in a 15-mile length of Cyril, arranged around 70 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. 

Her sister required no clinical thought and by and by is in protective guardianship with the state, Arbeitman said. 

The Public Spot for Missing and Exploited Children and heroes from Fortress Edge are among those helping the pursuit, Arbeitman said. State officials were driving sonar searches of streams in and around Cyril on Wednesday. Search canines from the Oklahoma Division of Updates and robots from the Oklahoma Organization of Sedatives and Hazardous Meds have similarly been used in the pursuit. 

Contributions moreover helped lead a grid with looking, looking through in void houses and close by streams, police said. 

Arbeitman said experts are finding things around that “could be huge” and strong to the case, but didn’t complicate. 

“We are finding things that we trust could give us snippets of data,” she said. 

Garbage organization in the town has been suspended amidst the chase “with an ultimate objective to search for additional clues in regards to Athena’s whereabouts,” Arbeitman told writers Thursday.

Policing enabled occupants and associations to share any surveillance film they could have, including doorbell cameras, as well as to glance through their properties. 

Athena is portrayed by experts as being 3 feet tall and 45 pounds with light natural shaded hair and blue eyes. Police acknowledge she was actually wearing a butterfly hoodie. Athena was last known to be wearing a pink butterfly sweater and pink pants, according to a missing individual pennant. Arbeitman said she has “confined verbal capacities.” 

The OSBI release avoided likely charges. Considering KOAM, the OSBI says charging information will be conveyed soon. “He should manage punishments at whatever point he is eliminated back to Oklahoma,” communicates the OSBI. 

KOAM will continue to post revives as they are attested with trained professionals. It is the KOAM technique to not convey the name of a caught suspect commonly talking until they are formally charged. Anyone with information on her area is drawn closer to contact the Oklahoma State Office of Assessments at 800-522-8017 or [email protected].


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