Sunday, 30 July 2017

Your Story Is Coated With Fallacy, Peace Corps Tells Premium Times

One interesting and pleasing fact about the Media is that it drives for very sellable stories; make effort to vet them and often than not, disassociates from false information when it becomes evident such story is coated with fallacy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with some media houses in Nigeria.

The Premium times has put up a very captivating story pointing at acts of bribery usually attributed to unscrupulous persons or organisations. This time, the outfit didn't just point at any person but against the Nigeria Senate.

Our point of dissatisfaction is the connectivity linking the Peace Corps of Nigeria and rubbing this picture of shame and National Disgrace on the walls of their online platform for the world to see.

Before digging into facts of the matter, a few reservations yet loom for clarity - a BIG question; WHY? Why is it that before now, no media house has seen the window of information pointing at PCN giving bribe to the Senate? Why wasn't a bribe discovered when the Senate through the distinguished Senator Bayero Nafada and other Senators, call the Peace Corps of Nigeria(PCN) and the National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC) to resolve differences? How come the very multitude of reputable media houses that have damned consequences against telling the truth, did not see the acts of bribery during the Senate Judiciary Committee on Human Rights and Legal Matters inquiry into the operations of PCN and NUPEC. Interestingly worthy of note is the fact that the Nigeria Securities and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) were fully represented in that Committee enquiry and they threw their weight of support on the Establishment of Nigeria Peace Corps. Again I posit, during and after the deliberation, no media house reported a suspected story of bribery nor an anomaly in the query approach of the committee. Why didn't this same media see bribe before the first reading; second reading, public hearing and subsequent third readings?

Furthermore, deliberations on decision making took place long before the Senate came out with the report of recognizing only PCN as the sole presenter of Bill that has been passed and adopted. It thus sparks fire of discrepancy somewhere by someone trying to truncate the height of achievements reached by Amb. (Dr) Dickson Akoh and the PCN.

That a man is remanded in jail repeatedly or held in custody twice or three times in a year, doesn't translate to him being a guilty party to a crime. The late Nelson Mandela was viewed by his captors as a radical and was held for 27 years yet the whole world fought for his emancipation. Rubbing dirt of remand on the face of fundamental human right of Amb. Akoh is to say the least, looking for a pin cap in packs of powdered pins.

You speak of a distinguished Senate carrying out their duty, to ensure they took their time to confirm true identities, irrespective of how it affected PCN. A Senate that disregarded all our loud claims but in their good conscience, fairness, time and display of equity, followed up with a fusion of Bills of NUPEC and PCN while investigating further. You accuse a Senate that stood with the law; distanced themselves and didn't come to the rescue of the man alleged to have given them bribe when he was wrongfully arrested and detained with 49 members of his staff? It yet baffles to think of this bribe because it must be very insignificant if it can't make the Senate go against the law.

It is also very pertinent to state that out of over 200 memoranda and oral presentations received and made respectively, during the Senate Public Hearing, only four stood against the Establishment of the Nigerian Peace Corps. They are the DSS, the Nigeria Police Force, Ministry of Interior and NSCDC. All other agencies, parastatals and stakeholders stood in support of the establishment. (Find contents in the Senate Committee on Interior Public Hearing Report). It is thus highly dissatisfying and degrading for such unconfirmed erroneous report to reflect in premium times - an online platform.

Finally, it is not coming as a surprise that unguided media outlets would be one targeted as routed tools to scuttle the good works of the Senate and increasing truism behind the unjust treatment meted on the Peace Corps of Nigeria. The Corps shall continue hinging on the judicial processes as exemplified by the Judiciary in the ongoing law suit between the PCN and some security agencies. It is our prayer that soon, these mother agencies will realize our transparency and start seeing us as a tool in their hands to effectively drive the wheels of youth development, peace and good governance in Nigeria. PCN remains committed to supporting the good efforts of the Nigerian Security Agencies; we live to give of ourselves to Nation Building and no manner of false information or intimidation will succeed in truncating the good dream of the Nigeria youth.

Pat. Jason Akano
PCN ANC (Special Duties)

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