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Woman Dates 77 Men In Two Years

Twenty-nine-year-old Anna Heaton is picky. Incredibly picky. So picky that she has gone on hundreds of dates with 77 men in the past two years alone.

On a mission to find the right man before she hits 30, Anna has met men through dating apps, her mum, and even went so far as to appear on ‘Take Me Out’ programme.

Anna says that she does give most guys several chances but admits to being too choosy over her potential partner.

“I went on my 77th first date on Saturday, I think it’s because I’m too picky,” she tells SWNS. “It’s always me that ends up not wanting to date more and a lot of them think there is something wrong with me.”

“I often have a lot in common with people, but the spark just isn’t there, I just don’t fancy them. I would like to not get to 100 before I turn 30, but that is probably the reality,” she adds.

Anna has also been criticised in the past for marking each date out of 20 on a spreadsheet. She rates each man in categories such as looks, personality and spark.

“It makes me sound neurotic, but I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be with the wrong person,” she continues. “I just want to find that one person.”

Turns out Anna’s sole problem might be her very specific needs. She detailed her perfect guy, saying: “He’s got to be tall, with a rugby player physique.”

“I like a posh boy with a pink shirt, nicely dressed and someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I can’t stand a man without a sense of humour.”

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