Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Man Gets Stolen Wallet Back After 47 Years

A man , Dennis Helmer , whose wallet was stollen nearly 50 years ago during a burglary at his parents ’ house has surprisingly got his wallet back .

The 78 -year-old who lives in of Westmont, New Jersey , received a call recently from one Don Williams , who told him a wallet containing documents with his name was found in the ceiling of his Bellmawr home by a contractor .

The wallet ’ s contents included Helmer ’ s 1957 Selective Service card, a St . Christopher Medal , a 1956 receipt for his $ 168 tuition payment to Drexel University and photos including a snapshot of Helmer posing with his Camden Catholic High School prom date, The Inquirer reported.

It turns out the Williamses had had a fire , and in refurbishing their house, a contractor had found the wallet in a ceiling , along with some books and a newspaper from 1945 , Helmer said .

Don Williams saw Helmer ’ s name in the wallet , looked him up on the web , and made contact .

Helmer said the wallet was apparently stolen during a burglary at his parents ’ home in 1970 . He said he never knew it was missing until Williams called him .

In May 1970 , when Helmer was 31 , he and Mary Ann had attended an anniversary party for Helmer ’ s parents at his sister ’ s house in Westmont. During the fete , a burglar had broken into the parents ’ house — Helmer ’ s childhood home — a mile away and snatched some jewelry . Evidently , the sneak then scuttled into Helmer ’ s room and grabbed his old wallet from high school .

He said the St . Christopher medal was a gift from his grandmother that has now been transferred to his current wallet .

“ She said to always have it with me , ” Helmer told The Inquirer .

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