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Sunday, 7 October 2018

You Reaffirm Why We Shouldn’t Re-elect Your Husband, Twitter Followers Tell Aisha

First Lady Aisha Buhari’s tweet accusing the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, of impunity, has attracted copious responses from her Twitter followers.

See Aisha’s tweet:

It is disheartening to note that some aspirants used their hard earned money to purchase nomination forms, got screened, cleared and campaigned vigorously yet found their names omitted on Election Day, these forms were bought at exorbitant prices.


— Aisha M. Buhari (@aishambuhari) October 7, 2018

See the responses:

In short, you are reaffirming to us the reason why we shouldn’t vote for your husband- a complete failure.

We got the message loud and clear…thanks.

— Slim (@slimdaddy_04) October 7, 2018

Confirmation that APC can’t change the country for good

— Sunsh (@Sunnyokorie9) October 7, 2018

Only a child speaks his or her mind at every given occasion… Adults should know that some things are better left unsaid

— Chinedu (@tony_divine81) October 7, 2018

You will always be remembered for that first Lady that will always speak her mind no matter how it looks. May God guide and protect you my first Lady @aishambuhari .An igbo adage says you wear a basket on your face and talk to a Goliath when it gets so bad and everyone is silent

— Anietonwa Ajulufo (@etostokia1) October 7, 2018

Madam, what are you not telling us?

— El-Nino🇳🇬 (@Mcpeter042) October 7, 2018

APC is a party of renegades and rejected. This party is accursed & represents everything darkness. No one gives what he does not have.

— lonevoice (@lonevoice5) October 7, 2018

When good people keep quiet, good things get bad. If MLK, Jesus, Mohammed, Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, Einstein and the rest kept quiet as you suggested, where will the world be now? Aisha Buhari is my kind of woman. Speak the truth even when it’s uncomfortable.

— small Debola, big God (@enitioluwafe) October 7, 2018

I was actually waiting for the part where you’d say APC is useless and you are leaving it. Madam, you are not serious. You can’t be in between.

— Dr. Iyke, MD (@drackfel) October 7, 2018

Lols, her younger brother is calling for the cancellation of Adamawa gubernatorial primaries. We understand.

— Ile Ife (@ileiife) October 7, 2018

Our activist First Lady. The president is the leader of the party, his word is more like final in the APC. You didn’t mention him all through. Why mention the party chairman when you know there are so many centripetal and centrifugal forces higher than him in the party? Hmm!

— Jerry Jay (@ChimaJerryjay30) October 7, 2018

Its simple, Cabals hijacked Adamawa election. Where her brother is flourishing. Politics is all about interest.

— Acrimony (@Bukadaneistien) October 7, 2018

Madam leaves this APC party and moves to PDP.

— Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo (@Mr_Wizzo) October 7, 2018

I understand Halilu lost the primaries in Adamawa. Could that be the reason for your current outburst? Na only kweshon o

— Njidda Nurudeen (@NNjidda) October 7, 2018

I pity Buharists and Buharideens who try to be more Catholic than the pope. Before Aisha comes out to rant, you should know she has exhausted all private means for redress. Then imagine yourself who can’t see za oza room. What’s your hope to be heard when you’re aggrieved?

— ICHIE OBANI⚓🚢 (@donmekxy) October 7, 2018

If your brother wasn’t rigged out, will you complain? Have you retrieved the $2billion from your ADC?… At least you should give your husband credit for not interfering, he deserves some accolades… Lol #CryingWolf

— Henry Ede Eze (DVM) (@edezede1) October 7, 2018

I had to check over and over again to be sure it was the Wife of the President, tweeting. Lord help us.

— Chukwuemeka .Chinyere(jj) (@juuicedaddy) October 7, 2018
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