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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Akin Gushes Over Woman, Aishat On Her Birthday

On Sunday, November 4, the Dove Bulletin fan, Akin Taiwo took to his Facebook wall to celebrate his beautiful and stunning woman, Aishat Omotayo as she celebrates her birthday today.

Akin shares several beautiful pictures and expresses an undying love for his gorgeous woman on social media. He shared the pictures with loads of prayers and sweet words. In his birthday message, he prayed for good health and happiness.
The talented fan disclosed that despite all circumstances, she remained strong, focus and for that, he will forever love and cherish her.

His post reads:
In a garden filled with blooms, you stand out as the most beautiful and most beguiling creation. With you, I feel like I am in heaven all the time. Happy Birthday, my sweetest one. May Allah grant your wishes. Wishing you many happy returns in good health and happiness inshallahu.
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