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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Emily Ratajkowski Describes Her Brand Of Feminism And 'Boob Crack' Items On Busy Tonight Talk Show

Emily Ratajkowski described her brand of feminism to Busy Philipps on Wednesday's episode of Busy Tonight.

The 39-year-old talk show host asked the model what items she had found in 'her boob crack'.

'Crumbs and also change, like a random penny. I don't even use pennies, like when's the last time I paid with pennies?' laughed Emily, 27, about things she's found in her cleavage.
'The next penny you find in your bra, can I have it?' asked Philipps, who is best known for playing Audrey Liddell on Dawson's Creek.

The cleavage conversation created a segue to chat about Ratajkowski's feminism.

'It all started with boobs, I developed very early,' said Emily, who starred with Busy and Amy Schumer earlier this year in the comedy I Feel Pretty.

'Sometimes they make me feel good and I just want to feel myself,' she explained.

'It's about loving yourself, and body positivity are important,' said Emily, who rose to fame after appearing in the music video for Robin Thicke's hit Blurred Lines.

They also discussed Ratajkowski's arrest with comedienne Amy, after they protested the nomination of controversial Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

'I was flying back from Europe and I got wifi on the plane and the first text I received was [from Amy] saying ''Hey you want to go get arrested?'' And I was like ''actually yes.''
'It was fun,' she said.

Emily, who recently wed Good Time actor Sebastian Bear-McClard, asked Philipps the secret to a happy marriage.

'I've been married 11 years and I have two children…the secret is honestly, being truthful…it's a journeyman,' said Busy, who is married to 47-year-old screenwriter Marc Silverstein.

Emily and Sebastian had been dating just a few weeks before they married.

'Everyone thinks we got married really quick but we knew each other for a long time before…he always jokes ''you friended me for two years'',' she said.

'Are you guys a naked house?' asked Philipps.

'Yeah, definitely, but we also love a bathrobe, easy access to get back to the naked house,' she replied.
Emily was promoting her new movie Welcome Home also starring Aaron Paul that will be available on video-on-demand on November 12 and in limited release in theatres on November 16.

Busy Tonight continues on Sunday night on E! with a live show featuring Tina Fey after the network's broadcast of the 44th People's Choice Awards.
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