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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Kim Kardashian says Kanye West 'smells like money' after Lorde accuses him of stealing her stage

Kanye West hasn't had the best day after Grammy-winning artist Lorde accused him of 'stealing' her tour set design.

But it appears as though wife Kim Kardashian still has his back, complimenting him on the way he smells.

Speaking to The Cut, the 38-year-old couldn't pinpoint his exact aroma, but described his scent as 'really expensive' 'like money'.
[He smells] 'rich. I can't explain it but like a rich person. Like... money,' she began.

'He smells like what you think a really expensive Saint Laurent fragrance campaign would be.'

And Kim didn't stop there, also describing the scents of her four other sisters and herself.

'I smell so good. I layer my fragrances depending on how I'm feeling because they put me in a mood,' she gushed.
'I'm always testing new fragrances, so people always come up to me and ask 'What is that? That smells so good'.'

As for her supermodel sister Kendall, her scent is entirely different.

'Kendall has no scent - which is a good thing. She just always smells fresh and clean, and smells like a supermodel; exactly what you think she would smell like,' she said.

'Kylie always smells like one of my original fragrances that have gardenias and jasmine. Kourtney smells like all-natural products. Khloé smells like rich oils; very fruity, but rich in scent. She also likes very white florals.'
And while Kanye's aroma had a money-like aroma, he kept things casual when he stepped out on Monday.

The rapper opted for a casual T-shirt and trousers underneath a highlighter yellow jacket.

Spotted at a luxury Beverly Hills hotel, he appeared somewhat concerned but could not be missed between his bright ensemble and new pink hued hair.
Kanye's appearance comes after singer Lorde accused him of copying her stage set earlier in the day.

Taking to social media, she wrote: 'I'm proud of the work I do and it's flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves,' she began.

'But don't steal - not from women or anyone else - not in 2018 or ever.'
Lorde's Instagram Story showed images from her tour and Coachella show which featured a clear, rectangular prism stage.

The Gold Digger hitmaker used a very similar looking structure for his and Kid Cudi's Camp Flog Gnaw performance on Sunday night.
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