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Bianca Gascoigne proudly shows off her surgically-enhanced posterior in Dubai

She recently gushed over her plastic surgery enhanced figure.

Bianca Gascoigne, 32, showed off the results of her 'new shape' when she hit the poolside during her Dubai getaway in recent weeks.

The model, who is the adopted daughter of football legend Paul Gascoigne, slipped her curves into a teal bikini with gold sequin embellishments.

Decorative gold sequin adorned the straps of the bikini and brought a hint of showbiz sparkle to Bianca's looks as she was seen lounging about the poolside.
As she showed off every angle, the blonde gave onlookers a good look at her generously enhanced peachy posterior in skimpy briefs.

Having cooled off from the scorching temperatures in the outdoor shower, the CBB star let her waist-length mane tumble down her back in wet tendrils.

Never afraid to speak about her plastic surgery, Bianca shared she was incredibly happy with her Brazilian bum lift which gave her a 'new shape'.

Praising her surgeon for his handiwork, she wrote in the caption: 'Extremely happy with my new shape, created by the very talented @Dr._Aslani.'

She has previously had two £6,000 boob jobs which saw her go up from 34A to 34C when she was 18 and then up from 34C to 34DD when she was 21.
Bianca told MailOnline last year: 'I am happy with my boobs now and don't plan to get them done again.

'My mum Sheryl wasn't happy when I had them done a second time but I wanted them bigger and I don't regret it all.'

Since the age of 27, Bianca says she has also been boosting her appearance with regular Botox injections every six months to help her stay 'young'.

'I don't feel I am too young for Botox,' she said. 'I have been having it for the last three years. I see it as preventative. I don't ever want to get wrinkles in the first place.'
The curvy bombshell did admit she suffers from body dysmorphia and she has accepted she will 'never be entirely happy with the way' she looks.

According to the NHS, body dysmorphia is a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance.

The star shared: 'I have body dysmorphia so I am never going to be entirely happy with the way that I look. It is in my nature to find fault with some aspect of my appearance.

'But I am in the best shape of my life and I am as happy as I am ever going to be with my weight and body shape.'
The reality star originally found fame on the dating show Love Island, at the age of 20, where she first met and fell for Calum Best.

Bianca and Calum went onto share another reality television experience together during their stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2017.
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