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Emily Ratajkowski poses in her husband's underwear

Emily Ratajkowski shared a stunning photo to social media on Thursday.

The Vogue model was wearing just a grey crop top by Inamorata Woman, a line she has become the face of this year.

And the 27-year-old I Feel Pretty actress was also in her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard's grey underwear
The star was looking into a bathroom mirror as she held up her red cell phone while rushing her teeth.

She had on makeup with messy hair and a few pieces of jewelry on: a wedding ring, a pinkie ring and a watch.

The beauty took fans by surprise when she wed Bear last year. He is an actor from NYC best known for the movie Good Time.

The caption on her image said, 'Launched @inamoratawoman body but still stealing my husband's briefs.'

Her images for Inamorata were eyebrow raising.

On Wednesday several eye-popping images of the siren in the lingerie was shared.

The catwalk queen could be seen shopping in a small convenience story as she wore the undergarments.
'A little over a year of @inamoratawoman and I’m so thrilled to finally share what I’ve been working on for you guys. Introducing BODY, a category that is so much more than lingerie. I hope you guys love it as much as I do,' said the Vogue model.

The Gone Girl actress wore many sexy pieces that made the most of her toned figure.

In one image she has on a white bra and panties as she stands outside the shop, which advertised it's ATM, craft beer and cigarettes sold inside.

The beauty appeared anything but self conscious as she stood on the street in her sneakers.
Another image saw the pinup in a maroon bra and panties.

This time the beauty was holding onto a bag of mini churros as she held one in another hand.

She had on her wedding rings and seemed to be leaning back against the shelf.

Another image saw the beauty opening a fridge door as she looked at the Snapple, Tropicana and orange juice.

She wore a nude colored tank top with spaghetti straps and thong undies that showed off her cheeks.

Her hair was worn down as she looked into the fridge; her face could not be seen.

Another shocking image was of the model wearing nothing but a skimpy bra and lace undies as she stood in the store in front of roes of candy bars.
Her face could not be seen here either.

The image was strange as she wore zero clothes.

She was a bit more covered when she had on a nude colored tank top that revealed her abs.

And short bicycle shorts looked almost conservative compared with the other outfits she had on.

She was outside the shop now with a coffee cup as she posed with her arm out and lips slightly parted.
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