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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom arrive at Jennifer Aniston's 50th

They were among the many stars who lit up West Hollywood for Jennifer Aniston's 50th birthday bash.

Katy Perry, 34, and Orlando Bloom, 42, made heads turn when they arrived via motorbike to the Sunset Towers hotel for the star-studded party.

Showing off her trademark quirky sense of style, Katy donned a black, pleated leather-inspired jumpsuit.

She stood-out with her eye-catching footwear, sporting off-white trainers with dozens of shimmering beads.
The California Gurls hitmaker styled her platinum blonde locks into a cropped quiff and added a touch of glamour with silver, shimmering earrings.

Katy topped off the look with a black handbag and a leather coat.

Orlando donned a blue bomber jacket with slim-fitting jeans and brown trainers.

The couple were surrounded by onlookers when they arrived to the venue on the actor's motorbike, with Katy snuggling up close to him before they made their way inside.

Katy recently gave a glimpse into her relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in an interview with Paper magazine.

She told the publication that she has OCD and wanted to throw away Orlando's old wash-bag after she gifted him a new one for Christmas.
Katy said: 'My boyfriend doesn't even know that I threw away his toiletry bag while he's been gone. I told him I got him a new one for Christmas.

'He said, "Oh, this has been around the world for 10 years" and he wanted to keep it in a drawer. I was like, "The moment you leave is the moment this thing is going in the trash."

Katy said that being in her relationship means that she and Orlando are able to teach each other lessons they wouldn't otherwise know.

She added that she is altogether very different from the person she was in her twenties, when she married comedian Russell Brand aged 25 and claims that she loves being in her 30s.
The singer said that although she has always been the 'black sheep', she used to fear things out of her reach, but after being pushed to the limits she believes she is more accepting these days.

Her journey kick started when she rose to prominence over a decade ago with her debut single I Kissed a Girl before topping the charts with five hits in one album.
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