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Tuface’s prank earns wife, Annie, more Instagram followers

Annie Idibia now has over four million followers on Instagram. Thanks to Tuface Idibia’s prank.

Earlier in the week, Tuface had thrown the entire industry and concerned fans into an emotional whirlwind when he posted a shocking message in which he apologised to his wife, Annie, suggesting that their marriage was in crisis. And before anyone could say Tubaba, the message got over 4,000 responses from fans across the country.

However, later that same day, Tuface had come out to admit that it was actually a prank, echoing the same thing comedian Seyi Law did a day earlier.

But prank or not, one effect the move had was to give Annie Idibia an additional 500,000 followers on Instagram, in the space of 24 hours. Checks reveal that before the prank, Annie had 3.5 million followers, but after the dust settled, her followers swelled to over four million.

Sources revealed that Seyi Law’s prank was targeted at promoting his show, which is just around the corner. Now, the question on everyone’s lips is, is it right for celebrities to play such expensive pranks in a bid to promote their brands?

But then, for IT marketing expert, Victor Tsakporhore, the social media is very dynamic. “It is the new and most dynamic tool for brand positioning and promotions. A careful analysis indicates that the pranks were designed to promote the brand of these celebs. They know that the general public and most especially bloggers are like hungry and insatiable hounds when it comes to news about celebrities. Tuface and Seyi Law simply capitalised on that to push their brands and they have succeeded immensely,” he says.
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