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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Alexx Ekubo explains why he's fond of playing lover boy roles

Actor Alexx Ekubo has revealed the reason he is fond of playing lover boy roles in movies.

According to him, he can’t be stereotyped, but fortunately he gets more of such roles than any other role.

He says: “I recently did Zero Hour and Power of One, and I didn’t play the lover boy roles in these movies. I go into movies head up and give it my best shot. I won’t say I am tired of the playboy role, but that’s what people like. So, if the script says, I should play a husband or lover boy, sure, why not? In fact, I’m planning to get married pretty soon. At God’s time.”

A few weeks ago, Ekubo’s US-based model girlfriend, Fancy Acholonu, revealed how the actor had to miss the Oscars, so he could fly back home to vote during the elections.

Ekubo, however, shed more light on the issue. “Yes, I came back to Nigeria to vote and couldn’t go for the Oscars. I had to perform my civic duties. I owe that to my country. I voted and I felt great to be a part of the exercise. I saw people turn out in large numbers to vote. That’s amazing.”
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