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Kendall Jenner looks like she's having a rubbish time as she rummages around in bin

She's used to dealing with an array of props during her time on the catwalk.

Kendall Jenner swapped her modelling accessories for a paintbrush as she and pals rummaged around in a bin while in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 23, was joined by friend Fai Khadra and Taco for the excursion while she wore a white hoody with the message: 'Art that kills'.
The statuesque beauty proved she wasn't afraid of splattering her clothes with paint as she paired her Gallery Dept hoody with white jeans.

She clad her feet in trainers while sweeping her hair up in a high ponytail.

The model was in high spirits as she joked around before using deep concentration to search for a mystery item in the blue dustbin.

Her appearance comes as Kylie Jenner hinted she could soon be collaborating with her sister Kendall on a Kylie Cosmetic make-up line.
'You know Kendall was in a contract for a really long time so I couldn't do a collaboration with her. That's the only reason why I didn't collaborate with her. But, you know, we worked it out,' Kylie said in a social media clip.

Kylie and Kendall have worked on clothing lines for Pac Sun and also contributed to Top Shop. They most recently have posed for Ardene.

Kendall has been in the thick of her modelling jobs and even missed out on her niece Stormi's first birthday party.
The runway beauty revealed she was glued to FaceTime for 45 minutes as Kris Jenner showed her round the extravagant bash.

She told The Tonight Show in February: 'My mom FaceTimed me right before everyone got there, and I was literally on FaceTime for — I'm not kidding — 45 minutes to an hour. There was so much stuff she had to show me. It was crazy.'
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