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Kylie Jenner finally explains the unusual dark splotches on her walls

The dark patches on the walls of her house have puzzled her social media followers.

On Saturday, Kylie Jenner put the questions to rest for good when she recorded some Instagram videos explaining the unusual spots.

The 21-year-old billionaire revealed that the spots are just part of the her wallpaper
The social media star repurposed a photo from Saturday in which she was crouched down in a gray cut-out jump suit with a jeweled necklace and sunglasses.

'for those who always ask what's the f***s on your wall...[sic]' she captioned the photo, drawing a line to a dark, powdery blotch on the wall near her head.

In a subsequent close-up video, Kylie showed the spots up close, revealing that they're actually rose gold, not black as they often appear.
'For those who always ask, it's a wallpaper, and it's like rose gold splatters all over my walls,' she explained in the video.

As she moved her phone closer to the spots they transformed from black a brilliant golden color.

'So, I don't ever want to see this f***ing question again,' she joked, ending the video.

Kylie was in a similarly revealing mood earlier in the day, when she posted a mirror selfie with considerably less makeup than her usual look.

'my bruise from roller skating,' she wrote, drawing an arrow to a silver dollar-sized dark spot at the top of her knee.
The clothes design was looked like she was ready for a workout, with her black sweatshirt and black booty shorts.

She work a pair of old-school white trainers and had a neon yellow fanny pack slung over her shoulder.
Kylie showed off a similar, more natural look on Friday when she shared a sweet picture of her and her one-year-old daughter Stormi.

She embraced the cute baby and cradled her head while reclining on the bed.
The sister of Kendall Jenner had on a pair of Astroworld 'Thrills And Chills' sweatpants from her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott's clothing line.

She shares Stormi with the 27-year-old musician, whom she started dating in April 2017.
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