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Liverpool football legend Ian Rush, 57, gets engaged to model pop star girlfriend

Football legend Ian Rush asked his 30-year-old model girlfriend to marry him six years after rumours she broke up his 25-year marriage first emerged.

Irish beauty Carol Anthony is 27 years younger than her former Liverpool footballer beau Ian Rush, 57.

But the pair have announced they are engaged after a candid conversation about why Ian always refers to her as his wife when they travel.
Carol, who used to be a pop star by the name Havana, told the Irish Independent: 'When we travel together, Ian always introduces me as his wife.

'Two weeks ago, I corrected him and said, "Ian, I'm not your wife." He said: "Yes, but I want you to be. That is, if you want to be?"'

The couple have been together since 2013, a year after Ian split with his wife of 25-years Tracy Rush.

The marriage ended when rumours of a three-year affair between Carol and Ian, who grew up on a council estate in Wales, emerged.
But Carol, who has set up her own company Home-run productions, denied the pair had any relationship at the time.

In 2013 she told the Irish Independent: 'There was a flirtation, I will admit that, but there was never a relationship and Jesus, not an affair. That's beyond a joke.'

Five years later the couple, who say they are best friends, have agreed to get married.

Carol said: 'Someone in our local pub who sees us regularly said to me recently: "You and Ian are best friends" He was spot on.
'We enjoy our own company so much and that is 100 per cent necessary for a perfect companion.'

Ian, who scored 346 goals in 660 appearances for Liverpool, lives with Carol between houses in Chester, London, Dubai and Spain.

And despite a 27-year age gap Carol told the Sunday People: 'I don’t see an age gap. I did once or twice when we first got together but I don’t any more. I’m trying to stop my ageing process but I think Ian looks better than ever.'
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