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Friday, 15 March 2019

When you love men too much, they misbehave – actress Joy Tambou

Fast rising actress and filmmaker, Joy Tambou, who already has two films, Diary of a Corper and Tattered under her belt, is one of the new talents to watch out for in Nollywood.

TS Weekend caught up with her recently and she opened up on her works and ideal man. Hear her: “The first is a short movie entitled, Diary of A Corper, which is on Youtube. The new one I just finished and launched in Warri, Delta State is entitled, Tattered. It is about a crazy girl from a rich background who doesn’t like the poor. She is so crazy that she molests people and goes around to embarrass the poor. At the end of the day, she falls in love with her father’s mechanic. I played the role of the girl. I was acting and producing as well.”

On her kind of man, Tambou has this to say: “I don’t need a perfect man. I want somebody I will build with. Don’t come pretending to be a lover boy and at the end of the day, you are not what you seem to be. It is painful and it really hurts when you love someone and just when you think that person is cool, he changes and brings out the other side.

“I am not looking for a billionaire; I believe in working together. Just come to me as you, not as someone else. Don’t bring somebody else’s car or something to show off if you want to be with me. Let me see your real person. I am me, I don’t pretend; I am just too real to fake my life.”

She continues: “I like intelligent guys. I like a guy that has something in his brains. I don’t believe in ‘this fine man’ thing everywhere. All you need to do is just have something upstairs so we can rhyme and learn from each other. Speak well, freshen up and look good. Don’t come with smelly mouth and body odour, it irritates me.”

Does she have any plan to tie the knot soon? “When the right man comes, we will do that,” the actress says, adding, “I have loved before and it didn’t work out; when you love men too much, most times they misbehave. I have been hurt twice. Right now, I am not in love with anybody.”
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