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Why Cossy Ojiakor ought to conceal her boobs forever

In the late 1990s, a former bus driver, Abass Akande Obesere's musical career flourished like a tree planted along the river bank.

He promoted commonness, semi-nudity and promiscuousness along with his Fuji music. His quest to satisfy his innumerable fans principally within the Southwestern a part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria prompted him to group with Cossy Ojiakor to provide the visuals of his song - ‘Apple Juice’. 

Nigerians were shocked to envision the Anambra State native during a scantily-clad outfit flaunting her walloping exocrine gland glands whereas she wore the grins of an ill-famed porno star on her face. Most media homes distanced themselves from the fruit crush video clip for obvious reasons. 

Cossy gave the impression of a misguided orphan World Health Organization was missing correct parentage and upbringing. Cossy's boobs recognised a rare development those days compared to currently that cosmetic surgeries are currently widespread. several recommended the boobs were full-grown with fertilizers whereas some men even joked a couple of trained worker serving to her inflate them at regular. Her courageousness and boldness in parading them before the camera became a hot topic of dialogue across the country. 

Obesere got the eye he wanted for and later on created cash from the music whereas Cossy registered her face within the minds of men World Health Organization unbroken work the enigmatic size of her breasts.

In no time, the video disagreeable woman with a perpetual playful voice ventured into Nollywood and her audacious breast show was taken to successive level. Cossy was a large distraction from a movie's plotline. The eyes of the viewers over up being lost in between her boobs. No Nigerian director discomposed to forged Cossy for good roles. She was either a prostitute, home-breaker or a seductress and she or he did smart jobs decoding those roles. Cossy's boobs came in handy in attracting the eye of motion picture lovers as they colourfully appeared on posters. She conjointly killed video advertisements. Minds were contaminated, controlled, innocence abused and bodies unsettled at the sight of Cossy. The breasts were just like the game-changer for her. within the course of Cossy's foray within the screenland, solely some of the individuals have ever loved her acting skills or skills, it's invariably been regarding her gargantuan watermelons that are the cynosure of all eyes at social gatherings. 

The head-turner before long bit over she may chew once she supposedly slept with a dog during a 2002 comic Ejiro film titled 'Itohan'. several believed the awkward sex activity scene was real and she or he really did it for $10,000 rather than AN actual meagre fee of N30,000. in step with her account, her family's name was filthy with the shocking stories that emanated from the film.

Her fame conjointly came with goodish wealth, clearly not from the screenland. She got herself the cars and a mansion within the highbrow Lekki space in Lagos State in 2012. The house was named the 'Playgirl Mansion'. She was conjointly reportable to possess nonheritable 12-plots of land within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The curvy player pushed her luck too so much by venturing into music in all probability thinking her exocrine gland glands may pave some way as was common. She launched her 1st fifteen-track album on Gregorian calendar month 15, 2012, however, recorded no positive impact. She ran aloof from music for regarding half-dozen years before saying a comeback that ne'er happened.

It’s been seventeen years currently and Cossy continues to be maintaining her previous promoting strategy that has become obsolete and ineffective. The Almighty Cossy is currently just like the legendary Gianluigi Buffon at PSG, Peter Cech at Arsenal or the latter days of Paolo Maldini at AC metropolis. She appears to possess forgotten to change her vogue or bow out of the stage once the credit was loud.

Her Wikipedia page says she is thirty-four and no-one is shopping for that. The human age is treated like AN ATM passcode during this a part of the planet. 'Teenage' player provincial capital Daniels has remained between sixteen and eighteen for the past four years currently and no-one is raising any alarm. The age equation of Cossy could bell be} balanced if we add a couple of decade to the age on the ground to create it forty-four. Yes, forty-four appears okay. 

Cossy similar to most of her colleagues has been connected with many men within the past. In Sept 2013, a person named Emeka World Health Organization she was supposedly seeing then projected wedding to her however the ceremonial occasion knot was ne'er found to not speak being tied. And also, in October 2015, romantic footage of her licking the face of a man in Paris, France surfaced. On the sixth of Jan, 2016, Cossy declared she was obtaining married, however, it happened that she was obtaining married to herself.

As a wooer ne'er came, Cossy before long continued together with her naughty manner of posting sultry photos/videos, participating in raunchy talks, travelling clubhouses in shocking outfits, dance madly and drinking to stupor.

In the year 2017, Cossy was within the news once more within the light-weight of the alleged romance between Stephanie Otobo, a Nigerian singer based mostly in North American nation and therefore the founding father of Omega hearth Ministries - Apostle Johnson Suleman. 2 different actresses with idle wealth and suspicious lifestyles - Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke were connected with the fiery minister. Cossy in AN indirect manner vulnerable to open Pandora’s Box. She hinted that she was a love-vendor and organized girls for a person whose description work the 'man of God'. She secures to publish a book on her slut stories. This simply the guarantees of most politicians ne'er materialized!

“It’s virtually Easter… And if this woman (Kemi Omololu Olunloyo) stay in jail this Easter I will be able to with boldness post my statement of account…. wherever your name showed… Thanks for the tithe cash u sent to Pine Tree State… Besides your not the primary man of god to offer me such offerings.. .. I don’t run AN NGo…like the remainder of your girls…am a giant offender.. therefore you clearly weren't paying for my repentance…..HELP?" she part announce on her Instagram page.

In 2018, good photos of Cossy finally emerged. She was virtually wholly lined in white native apparel. It wasn't that she became Born once more, her father died and she or he was during a mourning mood. The awkward factor that image gave was a thought of the important age of Cossy, she wasn't simply a woman anymore; she had full-grown into a lady. when the burial, Cossy came to her previous ways in which. She declared she was going for a butt surgery. Cossy's stick nose in the important sense may not show a discrepancy from that of a slim man like singer 9ice.

In Sept 2018, Cossy did the impossible to in all probability compensate her male fans. She declared on Instagram she was sexy and required a quicky.

"Am therefore bleeping Hot tonight....am at kill Lekki one,....where are u...Hope city not lousy simply chop and a clean mouth. if u talk! ama do all ya friends. Hmm, #mood #tonight" he announces online.

Her followers were asked to use on the condition that they're going to 'chop and clean mouth' which means that they're going to not kiss and tell. The comment section of the post was a lot of competition than the recent massive Brother Naija auditions. Even some married men submitted their applications at the danger of their marriages.

In as much as the maximum amount tons of individuals covertly love Cossy out of lust and greed, it's become crystal-clear that she is obtaining too previous for her quiet manner and 'industry'. Cossy has to retire, conceal her boobs, take a bow and switch a brand new leaf. She has to conjointly take her colleague and shut pal, Anita Joseph together with her whereas victimization the gate. they need to become too previous for the system. No act of breast show by Cossy moves the social media area any longer. the sole factor left to amaze folks are her sex tape. Cossy's market has AN age limit; younger girls like Simply Tacha, Gifty massive Brother Naija, Jane Mena, Peace Olayemi, Phat Chyna, Sussylicious and different ‘wicked’ kill queens have already taken her spot.

The next question is what Cossy can retire to. Loneliness is horrifying for celebrities World Health Organization are wont to having many faux and real folks smiling around them. The heavy-chested Instagram star, Roman divinity once took a hiatus once she married a man. In but 3 months, she was back within the market commercialism together with her wares restocked. 

If auntie Cossy does not leave the market volitionally, age and 'consumer apathy' would possibly forcefully take her to come in the approaching years.
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