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Ashley Graham poses in an 'itty bitty' bikini while enjoying a bag of 380 calorie Cheetos

Ashley Graham has a swimsuit line to plug and she often does the modelling herself.

On Wednesday the 31-year-old Vogue favourite shared three images to Instagram where she was in one of her new designs.

And, proving she is one of the more fun bikini models out there, the runway staple was enjoying a bag of Cheetos while she was being slammed. There are 380 calories in a small bag of Cheetos. Calorie breakdown: 57% fat, 38% carbs, 4% protein.

Graham has won 8.3M Instagram followers in part because she does whatever she wants.

The star had on a tropical print top and yellow bottoms. Her tummy looked toned and her entire frame a voluptuous treat. Eating Cheetos at a bikini shoot is just one example. And it's most likely calculated by the image-savvy Ashley.

Her line is called Swimsuits For All and has been a success because the sizes are very varied.

The cover girl was in the Dominican Republic for the shoot.

This comes after the siren revealed she uses 'affirmations' to help her feel strong.

The model has praised her mother Linda Graham, 53, for instilling the importance of 'words' into her from a young age, and knowing that they have the 'power' to help when struggling with 'different issues'.
Speaking to Vogue Australia, she said: 'The biggest thing is how you use your words. I think a lot of people look in the mirror and they say, "Oh, I'm sad" or "I'm ugly, I'm stupid, I'm not worthy, or XYZ." You have to really understand that your words have power and something I had to learn at a young age was an affirmation.'

The Vogue model added, 'When I was 17 my mother helped me make these affirmations "I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful, I am worthy of all, and I love you."

'Those are my affirmations and everybody's affirmations are different because everybody's struggling with different issues.'

The brunette beauty believes it is important to be surrounded by 'positive' people.

She added: 'I also think that your community is huge, whether you've got one friend or 20 friends, if those 20 friends are taking you down, it's going to go quick.

'And the same with that one friend, so just make sure you've got positive people around you.'
Ashley loves hearing her fans share their own self-love journey, and will make sure to answer any private messages she receives.

She said: 'I love hearing from fans, I love hearing just all the incredible different types of stories, I answer my DMs, it's important to have a dialogue about, not just body diversity, but loving who you are, it's not just about size, it's about anybody, it's about any race, gender, size, and religious background. It doesn't matter, it's just about loving who you are!'

This comes after the star shared to Instagram that her new hot pink swimsuit for Swimsuits For All is now available.

The siren modelled the item while rollerskating at the beach in front of a Volkswagen bus.
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