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Saturday, 13 April 2019

My sister started the stroke rumour – Mr Ibu

A few days ago, comic actor John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, made news a few days ago after news surfaced that he had suffered a major stroke.

Speaking to Saturday Beats, the 57-year-old confirmed the news is actually false adding his sister started the rumour.

“I don’t know what actually happened; one of my sisters was also part of the rumour mongers.

“She just opened a media house; so she is looking for a way to make her brand go viral. I feel she should have consulted me before spreading this kind of news and I would have given her another angle to explore such that it would not affect my image.

“The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria also confirmed that I was sick and it is very funny. The only bad incident that has happened to me recently was when I was attacked in Nnewi during Christmas and I have recovered.

“I have forgiven my sister for what she did. I am alive and well, my wife was very angry over the news and wanted to take action but I told her not to do so.

“I’ve left it to God for Him to defend me.”
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