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Thursday, 11 April 2019

No one ever called me pretty while I was growing up – Lami

Singer Lami Phillips has just revealed a bit about her childhood.

According to her, she was never called pretty while growing up.
” Yeah... that’s me... the darkest person in the picture. I grew up “knowing” that I wasn’t the prettiest. My parents' friends would joke “blacky”.. or ask me in Yoruba “ki lo de to se jo okunrin bayi “ ( why do you look so much like a boy). I was told I was short and thick ( it sounds worse in Yoruba).. I was also asked why I looked like my dad. Why wasn’t I light skinned like my mother? So many questions… all somehow directed at making me subconsciously question the way I looked. Over time.. I decided to ignore or compartmentalize those insecurities. I ignored the fact that I was somewhat unrecognizable in photographs or less favoured for certain opportunities. I was never called pretty as much as I can remember. I convinced myself that I was ordinary. Thank God for my sense of humour because I allowed it all dust off my shoulders by joking about it. So as a teenager when a boy said he liked me .. I wouldn’t believe it. Why would he like me when there are other prettier than me? Little did I know that I was far from ordinary. Little did they know... that I was beautiful… TO UNDERSTAND THE FRUIT WE MUST EXAMINE THE ROOT. Excuse me as I pursue PURPOSE. (Most people won’t understand the “purpose” or meaning of this post/caption.. and that’s ok too) #skin #blackskin #blackgirl #colourism #bleachingISNEVERANOPTION #whydowelookdownonblack #blackskinmatters #beauty #stigma #blackish.”
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