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Travis Scott poses lawsuit, ordered to pay $383k

A Minnesota jury has ruled against rapper Travis Scott.

As a result, the 26-year old will have to pay nearly $383,000 to the concert promotion company PJAM for missing a scheduled show in Minnesota the night before the Super Bowl in 2018.

‘The jury verdict of $383k is disappointing, but far less than the seven figure demands made by the promoters,’ Scott’s attorney, Howard King, told TMZ.

‘We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings.’

According to the lawsuit, Scott was contracted to perform at Myth Nightclub in Minneapolis during Super Bowl weekend in February of last year.

PJAM claimed the rapper was paid a $150,000 fee upfront and given the use of a private jet, but yet he still backed out of the agreement just hours before the show.
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