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EPL: Jose Mourinho addresses Zlatan Ibrahimovic transfer links to Tottenham

EPL: Jose Mourinho addresses Zlatan Ibrahimovic transfer links to Tottenham

Tottenham have been tipped to make a move for former Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic following his release from LA Galaxy.

Jose Mourinho has dismissed Tottenham's chances of signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic, 38, is a free agent following his exit from LA Galaxy in the last few weeks, has been linked with a move to north London due to his relationship with new boss Mourinho.

Mourinho has worked with Ibrahimovic at Inter Milan and Manchester United, but will not be bringing him to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Mourinho says it does not make sense when he has Harry Kane at his disposal.

"You are right about the connection, we have more than a connection," Mourinho said when asked whether he would be trying to sign the Swede.

"I would say also passion and understanding, an amazing player and an amazing guy, but I would say no. No chance.

"We have the best striker in England, we have one of the top two or three strikers in the world, it doesn't make any sense for a striker of Zlatan's dimension, obviously in his late 30s, but still a striker that can play in any club in the world.

"It doesn't make sense to come to a club where we have Harry Kane."

It has been a hectic first week for Mourinho at the Spurs helm following his appointment last week.

After his unveiling to the media on Thursday, he had his first game 48 hours later at West Ham - which Spurs won 3-2 - and is now preparing for a Champions League clash with Olympiacos on Tuesday.

The pair are good friends and the Portuguese is giving his predecessor some space.

"I didn't (speak to him) because I know what he is feeling," Mourinho said.

"I have been there and I know that there is a period where the best thing for us sometimes is to process our feelings, to process what happened with us and then in a couple of weeks, two, three weeks then we are open to the world.

"We are open again to embrace the different period in our lives, so I want to respect that, to give that feeling to him.

"But I spoke with his son (Maurizio), who is a player in our youth categories, and I think through his boy he can understand my feelings too.

"And of course I will call him but I want to let him process.

"I also told the players in contact with him to make him feel completely free to come here any time he wants.

"I will contact him when I feel that he has had that space.

"I needed that little bit of space to process things when I left previous clubs. It does not take just five or six days to be open again.

"You take a little bit of time to process things and understand and to think and rethink.

"You speak with people and in a couple of weeks he will be fine and I will call him."
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