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22 Top ways to find out before you say I do

22 Top ways to find out before you say I do

Marriage is always a top priority with women. Whilst it is very easy to get into (just like love), it is extremely hard – and even impossible – in some cases to get out of.

So you must make sure you choose the right partner. Here are some tips to help you decide.

1. Your future husband is not tied to the apron strings of his mother or family. Mr Wrong will always want you to be their slave so they can accept you.

2. Mr Right does not see you only as a sex-machine. Mr Wrong wants to have sex 247. Even when you are down.

3. Mr Right makes your happiness his first priority. Mr Wrong makes his, not only the first but at times the only one.

4. Mr Right has eyes only for you and you alone. Mr Wrong is ready to chase anything in skirts. Even when you are with him.

5. Mr Right does not require you to constantly prove your love to him. Mr Wrong wants you to do that always. Even in some bizarre ways.

6. Mr Right makes future plans with you. Mr Wrong does not because he has none for you.

7. Mr Right respects your saying no to premarital sex. No such consideration for you from Mr Wrong. Premarital sex to him is the only way you can show you love him. And damn the consequences.

8. Mr Right respects you and values your opinions. Mr Wrong is always Right and you are always wrong.

9. Mr Right brings out the best in you. Mr Wrong does not even try.

10. Mr Right makes you feel you are the most beautiful woman on earth. Mr Wrong feels that he is just managing you and there are better fish in the ocean.

11. Mr Right trusts you and the relationship. Mr Wrong does not. He is always jealous of your association with others. Especially males.

12. Mr Right will never lay his hands on you; no matter how much you offend him. Mr Wrong is always ready to make you a punching bag at anytime T. Even in public places.

13. Mr Right enjoys being with you most of the time. Mr Wrong always prefers to chill out with the guys. Even when you are sick.

14. Mr Right will not want to test your fertility by getting you pregnant before your wedding. For Mr Wrong, no way. You must test your fertility with him. Still, that does not make you marriage material for him. In the long run, he might pressurise you to abort the pregnancy, or give birth to the baby out of wedlock.

15. Mr Right makes you feel secure. Mr Wrong does not care at all.

16. Mr Right calls you just to say hello and find out how you are. Mr Wrong only calls when he wants something from you. Money or sex.

17. Mr Right wants to show you off to his friends and family. Mr Wrong hides you from them for as long as possible. If at all he does.

18. Mr Right wants a companion. Not so Mr Wrong. He wants a doormat, a slave and a sex machine all rolled into one.

19. Mr Right wants you to keep and save your money. Mr Wrong is always after you for a loan, which he never has any intention of paying back. He manufactures a fight anytime you ask for your money.

20. Mr Right is honest, truthful, has a good character, responsible and loves God and his fellow human beings. Mr Wrong is exactly the opposite and has a very sweet tongue.

21. Mr Right is a cheerful giver. Mr Wrong is a cheerful taker. He never gives.

22. Mr Right loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Mr Wrong does not. He is always looking for an escape route. He is ready to disappear at the slightest excuse.

Dr T. A. Fadeyi. MB. BCH. Sexologist, Sex and Marriage Counselor. [email protected] 08033148899 (SMS only)
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