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COVID-19: Lagos Muslims hold prayers across state

COVID-19: Lagos Muslims hold prayers across state

The Chief Imam of Lagos State Sheikh Sulaymon Abou-Nolla and Baba Adinni of Lagos Sheikh AbdulHafeez Abou has directed all the imams in the state to pray for the containment of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The duo said the directive was given earlier in the week.

Sheikh Abou said a special prayer was planned to hold at the Lagos Central Mosque, Idumota before the declaration of lockdown by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“In view of this, we directed the divisional imams to hold the prayers in their various mosques without contravening the social distancing regulations. They should not gather people. Let them just include the Coronavirus prayer in their regular prayers after the daily Salat,” he said.

On his part, the Chief Imam hailed the Imams for complying with the suspension of Jumat service across the state.

Sheikh Abou-Nolla urged them to always educate their congregation on the danger of not maintaining social distance.

He advised Lagosians to compliance with the government’s directives on what they should do to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further.

“Our people need to understand that the world is battling with a deadly disease that has become pandemic. We cannot afford not to be part of the solution. As the government tries to contain the virus, we must support them with prayers and adhere strictly to the government’s directives,” he said.

The Chief Imam urged Nigerians to maintain a high level of hygiene and avoid large gathering.

“We should all shun crowded place and our Mosques should not be crowded by worshippers,” he said.

Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Islamic Matters, Alhaji Abdullahi Jebe said that prayers and compliance with government directives would go a long way to contain the Coronavirus.

Alhaji Jebe advised Muslims not to congregate more than 20 people in the mosque.

“You should also try to provide sanitisers at the mosque’s entrances for worshippers to use before and after Salat (prayers).
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