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COVID-19: Morcas Agege suspends Ramadan lectures, other activities

COVID-19: Morcas Agege suspends Ramadan lectures, other activities

In compliance with the lockdown order to curb the widespread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, the higher Islamic school in Lagos, Morcas Agege, under the leadership of Mudeer-Ul- Morcas, Sheikh Habeebullah Adam Abdullah Al-Ilory, has officially announced that this year Ramadan lecture would be suspended.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sheikh Habeebullah said the school, established by the late renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-Ilory, has also suspended all its activities till further notice.

He said: “Ramadan, as scheduled to begin on Saturday the 25th of April as announced by the league of imams and Alfas of Yorubaland, hasn’t changed.

“In respect to practising the rule of social distancing as ordered by the government; the annual Ramadan Tafseer seatings will hereby NOT HOLD this year in as much as we also want to help curb the spread of the deadly virus. However, the indefinite suspension does not only cover the seatings, please note that other related activities are also put on hold until further notice.

“Any further development from the office of the director will be duly delivered and communicated to the ummah with due process.

“Please also note that the institution has always been a respecter of the shariah and constitutional law, therefore, this has been put in check.

“The above institution should not and will not be held responsible for any breach in the law of the state perpetrated by anyone during these times.

“Finally, we urge the Muslim ummah to bear with us this trying time as we pray to God to ease this burden on the world while we also urge everyone to obey the rules and guidelines stated by the government in practising social distancing and staying at home to help curb and stop the spread of COVID-19. May the peace and blessings of Allah be with each and every one of us.”
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