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I think my new boyfriend is gay...

I think my new boyfriend is gay...

I’ve been dating this guy about a month and a half. Everything is great except for one huge issue…I’m starting to get perplexed as to if he is gay or a bisexual who is more inclined to men.

A couple weeks ago, for the first time ever, I attempted to go down on him. Within seconds, he went from hard to completely flaccid. Nothing seemed to be able to get him hard again. I thought that was odd.

The strange part is he gets aroused even from me just looking at him in certain ways...Yet
sexual activity happens and he immediately loses it? He wants to initiate oral on me, and

seems really into it...But if I go to do it to him, it’s just over? He was raised very very very deeply religious and is still active in the church. 

With the doctrine “All sex outside of marriage is bad”...Could it really be a mental block thing? He was a complete virgin before I met him, so I seem to be the closest he has been to sexuality.

He attended an all-boys boarding school in his secondary school days so maybe he is more inclined to men.

What should I do please?
What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section.

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