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Stakeholders ‘knock’ Makinde for allegedly hoarding COVID-19 relief materials

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Some stakeholders including civil society organizations, community leaders and the All Progressives Congress (APC) have condemned the action of the Oyo State government led by Seyi Makinde over its failure to distribute what it has received as donations to cushion the effects of Coronavirus on the citizens of the state.

The stakeholders were reacting to complaints and comments by residents of the state that they were yet to receive any palliative weeks after the state government announced that it had generated over Two Hundred Million Naira and had received relief materials worth over fifty Million Naira from philanthropists and organizations.

Veteran Organization for Human Rights (VOHRI), a civil rights group committed to defending the rights of the people, especially the oppressed in the state explained that it is disheartening that the state government can receive such money and materials but refused to distribute them.

VOHRI Coordinator, Ayobami Sakirullah, told DAILY POST that, “It is disheartening that a democratically elected government could deprive the rights of the citizens of the states. Every citizen has an entitlement from the government based on chapter 2 of the Nigerian constitution, section 14 sub sec.2a & b.

“Oyo state government has to work with grassroots leaders to efficiently distribute such items to the needy. This pandemic situation has caused so much loss. I hereby, urge Oyo State government to look into the disbursement of this money.

Kola Amusat-Gbenla, Executive Director, Centre for Disaster Risk and Crisis Reduction, insisted that people of the state have waited enough for the government to reach out to them.

“People have waited for what the government of Governor Seyi Makinde will give them as safety nets to cushion the hard effects associated with COVID-19. We have seen individuals and organizations trying to provide supports in the form of food items and soft cash transfer, but nothing so conspicuous has been done by the government in this area, and to say people are hungry may sound like an understatement.

“Even the so-called civil servants are complaining bitterly now with their regular monthly incomes, not to talk of citizens whose incomes depend on their daily efforts. The assistance should provide the greatest number of happiness to the greatest number of people in the state. ”

But the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, AbdulAzeez Olatunde noted that the party was surprised that the Governor has not deemed it fit to distribute the palliatives.

“Honestly, it sounds so absurd and unbelievable that Oyo State Government under Governor Seyi Makinde has become the laughingstock in the country, especially in their amateurish handling of COVID-19 pandemic.

“Till today, despite the contributions from well-meaning individuals and corporate concerns to the purse of Oyo State, which we are applauding, the government as of now, has not deemed it fit to consider rolling out its own palliative to residents of the state.”
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