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What is so special about marriage proposals?

What is so special about marriage proposals?

Maybe it is the way I think or maybe the way I was brought up, but people, what really is the big deal in marriage proposals?

These days the trending thing is this person proposing on the field, that one proposing at the mall, or this one proposing during church programme etc.

And it has got me thinking... Why do we attach so much importance to a marriage proposal? I guess the reason why the courtship stated in the first place was to lead towards marriage, except if a derailment happens along the line. I belong to the category of people whose idea of a proposal is telling the lady "baby girl, when can I come and see your parents with my people?"

Shikena. End of the proposal.

One other thing that surprises me about all the pomp and pageantry and unnecessary severity attached to marriage proposals is people asking the question ''DID SHE SAY YES??''.

I can't even remember the last time I read that a lady said NO... It has always been yes, yes and yes all the way...

I stand to be corrected though, but maybe it is because of the pressure that the man puts on her with public proposals. I can't imagine the embarrassment the lady will cause the guy if she says no to his proposal in front of the crowd.

So people, what is so special about marriage proposals?
What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section.

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