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Cardi B is all dressed up with nowhere to go

Cardi B is all dressed up with nowhere to go

From what we’ve seen of Cardi B’s quarantine so far, we know that she’s been keeping busy by teasing her husband about online shopping, watching Netflix’s Tiger King, talking about the pandemic with Bernie Sanders on Instagram live with Bernie Sanders and posting throwback pictures of her in a violet Mugler outfit from the not too distant past. 

She’s also been dressing up and using her balcony as a photo set—see her recent snap of her in bike shorts and pink hair as evidence, as well as a brand new look she posted today.

Cardi posed on her balcony in a form-fitting, ankle-grazing black dress and a pair of strappy heels, looking like she could waltz onto just about any red carpet. 

Even her hair and makeup look camera-ready—her super long, baby pink acrylics and her soft curls are perfectly in place. It takes some real motivation to put together such a glamorous look if you’re not going anywhere, but given Cardi’s love of fashion, it should come as little surprise that she’d bring her A-game to her balcony.
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