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Controversies not new to me - Stella Damascus

Controversies not new to me - Stella Damascus

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has said she’s used to dealing with controversies after being in the entertainment industry for 3 decades.

Damasus made the revelation in a recent chat with The Nation when asked about how she has been able to deal with controversies as a popular entertainer.

“I’ve dealt with controversies and gossip for a long time. I entered the industry as a teenager, and I’ve been dealing with it for three decades now, so it’s nothing new to me,” she began.

Continuing, the 42-year-old Damasus said, “You can’t please the world. Not everyone will like you or appreciate you. Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything to some people, see you and they are just turned off, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So I’ve learned to live my life and be happy with the people who love me anyway.”

‘The Widow’ star also opened up on what has kept her going on when controversies around her personal life arise. She said, “I have a fantastic family, great friends, the best and most amazing fans who have been there for me from day one, and they are still there supporting me and cheering me on. That is what keeps me going, so I try to make sure that the positivity around me and the positive people around me are the loudest in my head, so they drown out the negative voices.

“It took a lot of growing up and maturing to get to this point. Jesus Christ came to the world to save and die for everyone; even at that, people still hated him and chose a murder and thief over him. They wanted him dead even though he came to save people, let alone little old’ Stella, that is just there (haha). Who am I to go nuts over all of this. It’s something that we all have to get used to like they always say if you’re an entertainer, you have to have thick skin. People will say and do all sorts that you have no control over, but what you can control is how you respond to it, and that’s what makes a lot of maturities, responding to negativity with positivity,” she concluded.
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