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I’m a weird, amazing wife - Adey-Kosh

I’m a weird, amazing wife - Adey-Kosh

Nollywood actress Ayo Adey-Kosh has revealed that though she is a weird personality, she remains an amazing wife to her husband.

“I’m weird. I relax by researching on google, or searching YouTube for educational videos about movie production or decoration ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) but I am an amazing wife,” Adey-Kosh says in an exclusive chat.

The ‘Talo Loko’ star revealed that her husband understands her career as an actress and producer and rarely complains about her roles. She went on to say she won’t get any role that will disrespect her marriage.

“I stick to roles that won’t disrespect my marriage. For me being married is amazing, my husband is my best friend, boyfriend, baby daddy all in one. My husband completes me. Where I am weak, he is strong and where he is weak, I am strong. So marriage, though a learning institution, is fun for me. My in-laws also related well when they discovered I am an actress and they still do.”

A graduate of Psychology from the University of Lagos, Adey-Kosh narrated how she began getting roles as an undergraduate through the help of Yomi Fash-Lanso.

“I remembered Andipe productions and Yomi Fash will often call me to come to help them fill in roles with one to three scenes, that was when I started developing interest in movies but I was hesitant to go into it fully because of the way the society viewed actresses then and how it seemed that a lot of ladies had to subject themselves to the casting couch before they could get any lead role,” she narrated.

The actress and producer admitted that it could be challenging to produce a movie after she produced her first film in 2013.

“You need a good story. Getting the right storyline that will resonate with your target audience. There is a perfect script for every good story, so finding the right scriptwriter is key. And then you need money, there is no way around it, from paying your cast and crew, to getting the right locations, to post-production and advert, you have to be prepared to spend money to get good things. The right cast and crew. You also need to decide on which director gets the script and the picture you are painting. The director can help you make a perfect script into a blockbuster. Then come post-production, advertising, and finally getting the perfect viewing platform that is just right for the movie,” she reeled out as the criteria that every producer needs to consider before embarking on producing a movie.

Adey-Kosh, who said her growing up was a bit rigid, said it has helped shape her life.

“Well, it was fun, a bit rigid, confusing at times but I had the best home training anyone could have asked for. It helped shape my life now.”
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