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Mike Tyson serious about comeback at 53

Mike Tyson serious about comeback at 53

The one-time ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ is back! – At the age of 53, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is out to prove he can still cut it in the ring after all these years.

Judging by a now-viral clip posted on Friday, Tyson has his old lightning-fast speed and reflexes in abundance.

The reactions are unreal. A six-punch onslaught, which almost took his training partner’s head off, is evidence enough that Tyson is ready for the four-round exhibitions he craves.

Making the announcement to fight again on a recent episode of his popular podcast, Tyson is looking into the possibility of staging a few bouts for charity.

Having been out of action for 15 years, there was immediate skepticism. But not when it comes to viewing just how in-shape and deadly Tyson still is.

An icon in the 1980s, Tyson ruled all of boxing for a destructive five-year spell. That’s until one fateful night in Tokyo ended it all.

James ‘Buster’ Douglas knocked out the undisputed champion, who by this time was embroiled in a world of turmoil and mental pain.

The whole planet watched in shock as one of the biggest upsets in history went down in controversial circumstances.

Tyson seemed to have stopped Douglas earlier in the fight.
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