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Mum has huge regrets over one-year-old daughter

Mum has huge regrets over one-year-old daughter

As a parent-to-be one of the most challenging decisions you'll face is what you're going to name your child.

Do you go for something traditional, perhaps naming your newborn after a great-grandparent, or something more unique and modern?

And then there's the issue of not liking the name you choose months down the line, what do you do then?

One mum took to Mumsnet for advice after admitting she's "ashamed to admit" she's considering changing her almost one-year-old daughter's name.

She explained: "I loved earthy and nature names for girls so after a couple of weeks of deliberation once she was born we named her Sage."

But since then the coronavirus pandemic has taken over.

She said: "Every day at 5pm theres a government press conference where they talk about "SAGE" "what SAGE says" and their "consultations with SAGE" before explaining that SAGE stands for the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

The mum admitted: "All I can think is that from now on for the rest of her life whenever I tell people (or she tells people ) her name is Sage all people will think of is this pandemic and all they will mention is the government advisory committee!

"It was already a bit of a marmite name and Ive never had very positive responses to it, even before this."

She even suggested swapping Sage for the tiny tot's middle name, which is more common.
Mum has huge regrets over one-year-old daughter
Of her worries she said: "If she grows up to hate her name I will regret not changing it when I had the chance, but then she knows her name would it be cruel and confusing to change it now?

"It’s causing me so much mum guilt, anxiety and worry."

And concluded by asking Mumsnet users: "Has anyone changed their child’s name? Any thoughts on what I should do?"

And the baby's name had mixed opinions.

One person said: "I've watched almost all of the Govt briefings and despite that when you said that was her name, I didn't think of the commute, just the herb."

Another added: "Change it if you don't love it, but not because of this. 12 months from now no one will associate Sage with a pandemic."

A third also said: "I think it’s a lovely name. And I can’t imagine changing a baby of that age’s name."

But one wasn't so sure, adding: "Yep I'd absolutely change it."
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