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Nigerians react as Kano records 92 new cases of COVID-19

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Ganduje said they should open up Kano for Ramadan shopping.The people’s governor.”

@Mrsobowale “May we not vote for leaders that would lead us to our graves.”

@Albinuzo “Kano government and the governor are liars. Malaria and Typhoid was what killed over 600 people in one week in Kano. 92 in Kano,30 in Lagos, 36 in FCT, 68 deaths. If you get ear make you hear. Stay in your house.”

@Ayemojubar “Just Thinking Loud: May be Kano people think this is an election?

“Today: 92 in Kano, 36 in FCT, 30 in Lagos, 16 in Gombe, 10 in Bauchi. Cumulative: 1006 in Lagos, 311 in Kano and 214 in FCT.I think it’s time to start considering a total lockdown Nigeria.”

@Saintanosike “92 in Kano, at this rate Kano is a mess! To think that Ganduje was requesting FG to relax the lockdown. Lagos needs to secure its borders.”
@Islimfit “238 in one day!92 in Kano that is more than the daily case reported for the whole country some days ago.”

@MrAusteen87 “Pray that Kano doesn’t get worse than New York. 92 in Kano, Pray.”

@Breezy “When I heard of the cases of 92 in Kano and the latest 2170 cases in Nigeria, I became confused. We really need to pray for Kano; pray for Nigeria and the world. This is getting out of hand.”
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