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We’ll safeguard workers’ interest - Buhari

We’ll safeguard workers’ interest - Buhari

Buhari in his message delivered via Zoom said “I understand the anxiety which has plagued the minds of workers over the possibility of job losses due to economic downturn caused by the pandemic and lock-down, especially in the private sector.

“In this regard, the government will ensure that no employer would retrench or lay off workers without going through due process of social dialogue which includes consultations with workers and with the Competent Authority – Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.

“Furthermore, I had earlier put in place a Presidential Economic Sustainability Committee (ESC) with the objective of developing a credible sustainability plan for repositioning the Nigerian economy now and post Covid-19 crisis period.

“The ESC is required to specifically explore ways and means of growing our non-oil sector – all in a bid to minimise the adverse effects of the current crisis and to also protect existing jobs and even create new jobs to help absorb the teeming army of the unemployed even before the crises”, he said.

The President told Nigerian workers that his administration had not just resigned to fate in the face of the outbreak, highlighting the various efforts so far taken to combat the health crisis.

“In a bid to win this war, we set up a Presidential Task Force (PTF) made up of the relevant sector Ministers and highly skilled Health Technical Experts The government had to in a well-designed Expert Advice, lockdown some States of the Federation where this pandemic is most prevalent – the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, Ogun and Lagos States. Lagos State was and still is the EPICENTRE of the disease and of late Kano had to follow because of the new eruptions of Covid-19 in the State.

“Offices, businesses, and various forms of outdoor activities have been put in abeyance so that “WE” as opposed to “I” factor may prevail so that we may live for tomorrow.

Yes, it is a common problem and interest and it is at this time that we must be our brother’s keeper by ensuring that “I protect myself and protect others from me”.

“I, therefore, ask Nigerian Workers both in the Public and Private Sectors with her FORMAL and INFORMAL ECONOMY to bear the stringent measures for a while for our common good.

This would enable us to put the ravaging pandemic under control and restore normalcy within the confines of relevant guidelines issued by health experts and the Government for safety against Covid-19 in order to curtail its spread.”
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