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Young lady works as a mechanic fixing cars in Lagos state (photos)

A Nigerian lady identified as Juliana Murphy has done something extremely remarkable by thriving in a field dominated by men.

The young lady who is an excellent mechanic that repairs cars in Lagos state decided to stand apart to breaking the barrier for other women in the field usually dominated by men.

Dove Bulletin came across Murphy’s remarkable story after she inspired young Nollywood actor Seun Ajayi who shared her story on social media.

Ajayi decided to share her story with the rest of the world after she impressed him with her excellent customer relationship skills.

The actor expressed that he realised how passionate she was with her job after meeting her at the service station where she works at Mobolaji Bank Anothony area of Lagos state.

Women like Murphy are inspirational symbols for female teenagers and young adults who are still trying to find their way in the world. Bioreports makes it a priority to celebrate people who aspire to inspire others.

It is still rare to see women in fields dominated by men such as engineering, construction and so on. However, with women like Murphy to lead the way the end to stereotyped working fields might be fast approaching.
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