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Demi Lovato explains how Cruel Intentions helped her know she is queer

Singer Demi Lovato revealed to Queer Eye star Tan France that she realized she was queer after watching a famous scene from the 1999 film Cruel Intentions.

“It was definitely when I was young and I certainly shouldn’t have watched ‘Cruel Intentions’ but I did, and that’s that scene where they took place on the lawn in the park,” Lovato said in the Facebooks Coming out 2020 event on Friday. “I was just like, Oh wait a minute, I really like this, I want to try it. And then, at 17, I came to an agreement. “

For those who don’t remember, Sarah Michelle Gellars Kathryn Merteuil teaches Selma Blairs C├ęcile Caldwell how to kiss in one of the scenes of the film.

“Have you never practiced with one of your girlfriends?” Gellar asks. Blair and Gellar prepare to lock lips in “Cruel Intentions”.(C) Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

Lovato, 28, explained that some of her music was actually dedicated to women, but she was surprised people didn’t know who she was singing to.

“I sometimes wrote songs about girls that my fans thought I wrote about boys,” she said. “I shared it with the world, but I wasn’t completely clear what I was talking about. Music was my safe space.”

She added that her songs are based on personal experiences.

I don’t think there is any harm in experimenting at all, she explained.

Lovato is recently single after she and actor Max Ehrich called off their engagement after six months of dating in September.
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