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Angelina Jolie makes a magical transformation into the Queen of Hearts for Come Away

Angelina Jolie is back on the back screen, as newly released images show the Hollywood star transformed into the Queen of Hearts.

The actress, 45, is unrecognisable as the character made famous in Alice in Wonderland, for her part in the major new family movie Come Away.

The magical fairy tales Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are merged into a new origin story directed by Brave's Brenda Champman and featuring an all-star cast.
Angelina and David Oyelowo star as Rose and Jack Littleton, parents to Alice (Keir Chansa) and Peter (Jordan A. Nash), who would become Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

The story focuses on the family's grief after the loss of their eldest child, with the two children trying to help their parents recover.

After Alice and Peter sell a family heirloom in London, Alice hides in a rabbit hole. and Peter enters another magical realm and meets the Lost Boys.
It's while down the rabbit hole, that Alice meets the Queen of Hearts, played by Angelina, who looks magnificent as the character from Lewis Carroll's beloved stories.

Wearing a white dress with a huge frilled collar and painted with a red heart, the actress' hair is styled into a heart-shape while she is seen holding the famous white rabbit.

Brenda Chapman makes her live-action directorial debut on Come Away, eight years after directing the Disney Pixar animated adventure Brave.

The trailer released earlier this month sets up the magical tale, with Rose telling her daughter Alice that, 'every child has a fairy born just for them,' revealing that, 'Tinker's Bell was born for you,' as she rings a tiny bell.
Alice is dismissive, though, stating, 'It's just a bell,' before we see Jack, who says that Alice, 'is in a hurry to grow up,' while Peter wants to 'explore new lands.'

We then get our first look at Peter, who is playing an adventure game while Alice has a tea party with a stuffed rabbit.
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