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Is she really a prostitute? I'm in love with her

There is this girl I met like 3 months back. I collected her number when she brought her phone to my friend to repair it for her. We started talking on WhatsApp like normal friends and within a few weeks one thing lead to another, we started dating. 

We got into each other within a short time, she calls almost every day and I also call her back. She said we won't have sex until marriage and I agreed. Well, I don't care about sex too much. I'm the introvert type of a guy. I am 22 and was still virgin until last week when I had sex with her. 

Last week she called and she said she just wants us to be together in a room, she wants to sleep in my arm. I booked a hotel room for us and we went there. We sat down in the room for a while, then she started pulling out her cloth. I asked her why she said she just wants to test me if I can hold my self seeing her naked. 

To cut the long story, we started romancing and I find my way with her help. 

To my utter surprise, when I entered her she wasn't a virgin. She's wide as Bleep. I didn't feel anything when I entered her. I asked her am in and she said yes. And this is the girl that lied to me she is a virgin. 

I confronted her and she confessed to me she used to have sex with her ex. 

I told my friend and he said she must have sampled more than 1000 diiiicks if what I described is true. 

Now I am really worried because I'm seriously in love with this girl. I enrolled her to nursing school this year. Paid her school fees and everything. I'm in my final year now but already started making arrangements for our wedding immediately after my graduation. 

I'm really hurting mentally now. Is my friend right that this girl is the prostitute? Do I really deserve such type of a girl being a good guy myself? 

Guys, I need your advice, please. Should I run for my life or I should continue dating her. I just don't want be regretting my some of my decisions later in my life.
She promised me she would be whatever I want her to be, as in she can change her life for me. She even asked me to seize her phones if I don't trust her. 
But should I really trust her? I heard from many guys that once a prostitute always a prostitute. 

PS: this is a true-life story. I never wanted to have sex with her before marriage. She brought the idea of going to the hotel. Heck, I can even claim rape against her because she was the one that removed my cloth and sat on my thing.
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