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5 Ways To Bring Back Your Sexy!

5 Ways To Bring Back Your Sexy

Think Sexy 
Unknown to you, you were born with a seductive, sexy side. If you don’t think you’re sexy there must be a reason why. Find it and get rid of it fast.

Become an expert 
True lovemaking starts with touching the heart of someone else. Sex is an art. You can drive your partner crazy by learning how the body responds. Once you know the science of sex, it becomes much easier to hold conversations about it as well. It’s surprising to someone when they discover you can talk about it because it means you know about what works. Now that is incredibly sexy…

Be confident 
That sense of knowing who you are and what makes you worth kissing will exude sexiness to everyone around you even if that’s not your intention. Inner confidence attracts (this is not arrogance we are talking about here). It gives you a kind of mystery that tells someone that you would not bring a lot of “drama” into a relationship. Rather, you would make life interesting. 

Practice nakedness 
No matter how unsatisfied you may be with your body, walk around naked – a lot. It’s amazing how sexy you begin to feel. The more you become comfortable in your own skin, the less you care what someone else thinks. Practice sexy poses in the mirror and forget the sagging tummy or thighs. Remember, it’s all about attitude. 

Make eye contact 
A quick glance communicates interest in a person, and a lingering look moves it a step further,”
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