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How to know if your girlfriend is not loyal in a relationship

It shouldn’t be an issue to debate that ‘love’ and ‘loyalty are two different phenomenons entirely, yet, they go hand-in-hand with each other. Getting loyalty from the ‘modern’ Nigerian city girls sometimes could be like the proverbial camel pa$ing through the eyes of the needle, as projected by Christ in the Holy Bible!!! ..and especially, when your funds are low!

The average Nigerian girl that lives in the city might be a pain in the a$ for you if you take her issues so seriously; carrying it on your head as if it was your destiny…especially, the flashy and trendy ones whose only dream in life is to surround themselves with as many material things as they can get. This situation might even prove worse when you are not aware of the ingredients that can bring about this loyalty. It is true that no one can be absolutely loyal, as other factors sometimes play their roles but disloyalty can be curtailed seriously when in a relationship

1. She disappears during festive periods: If you are dating a Nigerian babe and she is fond of disappearing during festive times such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Eide-Kabir, etc, just know she is the disloyal type. She fakes herself to be so busy during these times and absolutely make herself unavailable to you! She’s probably in the warm hands of another man who she feels can cater for her expensive taste and needs during the celebration season!!! Young man, you have no business with such a lady! I thought festive seasons were meant to be enjoyed together with friends and loved ones o:

2. She uses baseless excuses to explain her unavailability: Disloyal ladies hardly spend quality time with you except they stand to gain one material benefit or the other from you! To you, you are in a relationship. To them, it is ‘business as usual! . They always put the blame on rain, too much sunshine, breeze, traffic, friend’s wedding, etc, to avoid meeting with you but just tell her to come and collect a large sum of money you promised her and she will happily take the next available cab even if the whole rain in China, Vietnam and Cambodia combined is nothing compared to the rain pouring in the area where she resides!!! . Observe watchfully, bro!

3. She is so familiar with the joints you have taken her to and the regular male visitors there: She would know the prices of the range of drinks they have and the amounts they sell the ranges of foods they have in these places!!! She attracts ‘funny’ eye contacts and body languages from male folks around often and she sometimes waves at them when you act as if you are not looking! . How did she come to know about these places and what they offer if she hasn’t been taken to these places by different men on several occasions?

4. Her phone hardly rings in your presence: Yes! Funny as it sounds, it is true. It is a tactful act that you should be aware of…’ your’ girl (everybody’s friend) could be the disloyal type. If she switches off her phone, you might suspect so she might put an old sim card that no one calls to disguise as a ‘good girl in your presence. This is an expo…if you notice something like this too often when she visits, try to call her number on your phone and see if it goes. If it doesn’t, don’t try to bother her on why she is using another sim she didn’t tell you about!!! Just know she is the disloyal type! You have an option…you can get up and dust yourself to save yourself further stress!!!

5. She spends your money but you can never see her penny: If she is the type that keeps her 20k to feast on your little 5k, just see her as disloyal! I wonder how some young men spend hugely on ladies who have never bought them boxers or singlet before! The relationship is given and take. If she gives you s*x and nothing more for the financial benefits she gets from you, then she’s pros!!! If not, what’s the transaction between a guy and the pros? Money for hand=back for ground. After all, who yansh dor help abeg!

Shine your eyes and be a Realist!!!
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