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My Rival Is A Sugar-Mummy

My Rival Is A Sugar-Mummy

Dear Dove Bulletin, 

I knew my boyfriend was romantically linked to a fashion designer almost 16 years his senior when I met him. He was a widower and his lover visited as often as she could because she was married. As compensation, she was financially responsible for virtually everything he had – the bed, his clothes and second-hand car. 

After I met him, we started meeting fairly regularly and I even stayed over in his flat from time to time. He made it clear, though, that he was very fond of this older woman and wouldn’t want to hurt her. I asked him if he didn’t want to remarry and he said not in the immediate future. 

I have seen this woman and she’s not half as pretty as I am. What in God’s name does he see in her to prefer hurting me like this?
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