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Signs that shows you are in love

A guy meets a girl with a bombshell figure like that of Serena Williams or Mercy Johnson and immediately starts salivating like a lap dog in heat. He’ll start crushing on her and becomes consumed with the desire to make her his. If he gets lucky to date her even for a season, he will be so overwhelmed with her beauty and body that he may not be able to differentiate between love and lust.

The same confusing emotions can also engulf a lady dating a handsome dude. She will tell you she is head over heels in love with him and who can blame her? I mean it is not every day you get to date a hunk, right?

One thing is for sure, physical attraction has often been mistaken for love and this often leads to the disappointment of those who put their trust only on physical attributes. Physical attraction and what we sometimes call chemistry has clouded our judgement on what it really means to be in love. Love goes way beyond the physical. That does not mean that physical attraction or chemistry should be relegated to the background when trying to find out if you are in love or not.

Chemistry and romance help to sustain love in the long run. All the same, that is not enough for you to ascertain if you have fallen in love. An old friend of mine described being in love as having butterflies in your stomach.

This is because you are physically attracted to this person and that in itself is very good. To ascertain if you are in love or not, it’s best to first translate lust and physical attraction as likeness. You can really like someone and even be attracted to that person without actually being in love with him/her. Likeness graduates into love when the subject of your desire begins to mean more to you than just a lovely body to sleep with.

A man can sleep with dozen ladies, yet there is this special girl that holds the key to his heart. For you to really know if you love this person, there ought to be a transition from likeness to when you actually fall in love.

For instance, I asked a friend of mine who is getting married in November when he fell in love with his wife to be. This is what he said: “I had managed to elude falling in love for a long time. I only get attracted to a lady for a while and after some time, when the sexual energy has been sated, it fizzles out and I begin to look for my next prey. It was all a game for me for a long time until I met her. Chinyere went from being someone I was attracted to, to being the greatest catalyst to the happiness and joy in my life. She went from a gorgeous girl to be my closest confidant. She went from being my crush to being the love of my life.

Now she means more to me than anyone else in this world and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” You know you are in love when you can’t think of a future without this person. The person’s triumph and trials become your own obsessions.

You want to be part of their success stories as well as be the person they call when they are in distress. Equally, the person you love occupies a larger percentage of your waking moments and you can’t seem to get him/her off your mind. You terribly miss the person when you are apart; even when you live in the same city. You know you are in love when you feel responsible for making that person happy and even put their happiness before your own. When you put your significant other’s needs before your own, it shows how much you care for him/her. Being in love also makes you want to be a better person.

You will want to work on addressing your flaws just to ensure that the person you love values you the more. Their opinion matters to you more than any other person in your life. Being in love also makes you see your loved one as a human being with real human flaws.

If you insist on putting the one you love on a high pedestal then you have a real problem. But if you are comfortable admitting that your loved one is the world’s greatest listener, then you have a more realistic perspective of the relationship and much more likely to be in love for real. You are in love when you love someone unconditionally and not afraid to introduce them to close friends and family.

When you love someone, you want everybody to know about it. Finally, when you realise that this person has become your best friend and confidant, and it’s your desire to spend every waking moment with that person, know my dear friend that you have definitely caught the love bug! 

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