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I want to leave my fiancé because he has a small d!ck

I have a dilemma and I hope someone can help me. I've been engaged to my boyfriend for 3 years now. Before we got engaged, I had 3 other boyfriends who were very good in bed. Sex was not something that is high on my priority list for a man but it is something that I think is important. My fiance wanted to wait until he was married to have sex. This bothered me because I love sex a lot. It was hard at first but I decided to try to stick with it since I really love him.

We have gotten physical in the past but it never went further than kissing. Yesterday, we were making out and I was horny as hell. I grabbed his crotch and realized that although he was hard, his penis was very very small. I'm talking maybe 2-3 inches. It really turned me off and he knew it. We ended up talking about it and he told me that he was ashamed of his size. I told him not to worry about it even though this has been bothering me a lot.

I've been thinking about this today and I feel like he tried to trick me by marrying me and making me find out later that his **** was small. He is an amazing man but his **** is just too small for me. He even admitted that it's barely 3 inches when fully erect. Now I'm wondering if it's worth spending my life with a small man or should I leave him since it's obvious that he tried to fool me into marrying him.
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