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#EndSARSMemorial: Police release arrested protesters

Protesters who were earlier today arrested by the police at the Lekki toll gate are set for release after the Commissioner of police in the state visited the scene.

On visiting the scene, he asked the protesters who were locked up in a van to identify themselves, after which they were let out.

“We will investigate those still locked up in the van. We are taking them to the police station. Once we ascertain that they are harmless, we let them go,” Odumosu says from behind a face shield, as dozens of other police officers mill around him.

Odumosu has apologised to journalists and anyone who was brutalised, harassed and wrongfully arrested during today’s protests.

“That was done by Judases among us. By ignorant officers. This uniform I’m wearing, you paid for it,” the police boss lectures.

The drive-through protest is now over, moments after police dispersed young protesters with teargas canisters.

Earlier, a man who claimed to be an Uber driver was bloodied, pepper-sprayed and dragged on the road, as police made to forcibly throw him into the van.

Today’s convoy memorial marked the one year anniversary of the viral police brutality protests of October 2020.
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