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Unknown gunmen atrocities in Anambra rubbish Obiano’s ‘safest state’ claims – Christian

A public affairs commentator, Chima Christian has lambasted Anambra Governor, Willie Obiano over the activities of ‘unknown gunmen’ (UGM).

The assailants increased attacks, kidnappings and killings in the state in recent months.

There are speculations that part of the motive is to disrupt the November 6 governorship election in Anambra.

In a reaction to UGM’s atrocities, Christian mocked Obiano for repeatedly describing Anambra as the “safest state”.

The critic said the breakdown of law and order confirmed the governor had been making an empty boast.

On Saturday, Christian made a Facebook post titled ‘Unknown gunmen and Obiano’s government of hypes’.

“Anambra’s “safest state” nomenclature is fast revealing itself to be another one of those Gov. Obiano’s hypes”, he wrote.

“Just like the $5m ‘ụgụ’ export lies buckled under the weight of close scrutiny, the state did not respond, is not responding, and appears not to have the capacity to respond proactively to the challenge posed by these unknown gunmen.

“I, like many other citizens, who expected the “safest state” to immediately deploy the highly advertised CCTV cameras, smart cars, reconnaissance drones and smart communication gadgets, were again disappointed.

“Obiano’s government and their “it’s not broken” accomplice have been put to test. They’ve yet again shown themselves to be a government of hypes and vibes. May this “affliction not rise a second time.”

This week, the UGM murdered more than ten persons including Dr Chike Akunyili. The Department of State Services (DSS) vowed to apprehend the perpetrators.

“Between 26th and 28th September, attacks on citizens at Oko, Agulu, Obosi, Nkpor, Nnobi, Nnewi and other places left about ten people dead”, Obiano lamented.

On Thursday, the gang attacked the Ajalli Police Station in Ajalli, the headquarters of Orumba Local Government Area. At least four policemen and civilians were killed.
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